Grocery shopping service


We are going down to disney in Sept. I was looking at WEGOSHOP and just spoke to Amy. She told me, they can ONLY deliver the bags to the front of the resort. They can’t bring it right to the room. They were told by disney it would considered trespassing.

And they deliver about 2 hrs after you land (for us 10:30), so if the room isn’t ready, then it’s tipping bell service to hold the bags and then tip again to bring them up to the room. That would be a possible tipping three times. This isn’t sounding so great.

What has been your experience with the other shopping services?


We have used Garden Grocer several times now. On-line ordering and last minute additions to our list are very easy. So far they have been very accommodating to us. Each time I have used them, just as we are landing, I get the text message stating that our groceries have been delivered to the hotel. When we get to our DVC, we tell them at check-in, and by the time we have gotten to our room and are unpacking, the bellman is deliverying our groceries. Sure is nice when you don’t have to wait around for the groceries to show up. All the cold stuff is stored in the fridge, so no thawing problems yet. We are using them again for our visit in September. Going over the list now and will be submitting it in a few weeks.


Can I ask, what do you tip bell service? Because our group of 7, there may be 2 or 3 cases of water, 8 bottles of soda, 3 gallons of milk and juices, and then maybe two bags of other groceries.

Actually I was ok with a shopping charge and tip, but it was the bell service tip I didn’t expect. But it comes down to how much is a disney hour worth? Shopping myself and carrying the bags, would save about 60 bucks, but take several hours and more hassle.


We have a group of 7 as well, but one is a 17-month old, one is 5 and the rest adults. We do the dining plan when we go, so we usually order around $100-$150 in groceries. That includes a case of water, gallons of milk, snacks, diapers detergent, etc. We usually fork out about $20 for the tip. Our room is always available and we take our own bags from the airport to ME and then ME to our DVC. We did ME before where you let WDW handle the bags and 2 times it didn’t work out so wlll. So ever since then, we do our own bags. The $20 for the grocery delivery is not so bad since we don’t have a bell tip for the bags, just the groceries.