Grocery Store at Boardwalk?


Is there a grocery store on th Boardwalk? Itd be nice to get hold of some bread and ham etc withouth having to venture off WDW property and Iv heard theres a store at the Boardwalk? I just can’t seem to find any info about it :confused:


Yes, you will be able to buy some basic food items at BW. It will be a part of one of the gift shops, right now I can’t remember the name of it but I’ve been in it. I think it’s the Screen Door General Store.


Another option to shopping at one of the gift shops is using You shop online and they deliver your groceries to your resort. I think their prices are a bit better than the gift shops and the small grocery stores on property. Take a peek at their site and decide for yourself. I just placed my first order with them for my October trip and found it very reasonable and easy to do.


There are markets in both the Boardwalk and the Beach Club. You should be able to find some very basic grocery items. As I recall, you can find cereal, milk, beer (?), juice, soda, chips, cookies, candy, fresh fruit, etc.


Yes, you can find the essentials at the Screen Door General Store.


My two cents is to agree with Dana. We use the green grocer and were extremely satisfied. Feel free to PM me if you want more info. No need to bore the entire board with the details of my shopping.