"Grown up Minnie"


…I am too much of a “traditionalist” to like this…but…everyone has their own opinions…

Grown-up Minnie Mouse gets mature Lanvin makeover


Ugly if you ask me and why did they make her look fat? Leave her be. She doesn’t need any improvements. She’s perfect as is.


What’s next, Peter Pan with wrinkles?


I saw this on Yahoo. I think it is ugly and hope she is never seen wearing it at the park.


I agree super ugly! red and white polka dots are my favorite


Do not like it at all, what some people think of.


I am not a fan. They could have made her look “grown up” with something fresh and fun. That hideous dress looks like something an older woman would wear to a wedding …it’s really ugly. If it were a pretty dress, I might be able to deal with her being different.


Yes—the dress is too “matronly” for Minnie…


Dana, that was my first thought … a grandma of the bride dress.


Very odd, I like the traditional dress better also


I understand the concept of what they are doing -Minnie’ dream to be a fashion model blah blah - but my goodness! Pick a dress that people would think is cool or high fashion. That dress most definitely is not. They could have done her normal polka dotted dress, but made it into something “high fashion” so she just another version of herself.