Grrrrr. What do you do when friends won't take your Disney advice?


I’m just wondering how you all handle it when people going to WDW for the first time (or haven’t been in 20 years) don’t take any suggestions you offer. Then complain and complain about how awful a trip it was…

This is happening more and more to me…I can’t stand listening to people complain about how crowded it was between Christmas and New Years or how crowded it was during Easter Week…etc etc. I told these people not to stay in a value if they want a full service restaurant…or that it takes a few minuted to drive in from International Drive during the morning hours…nobody listens to me…

How do you keep from saying I told you so??? They complain that they are never going back again and it makes me so mad. Don’t go for 3 days during the busiest time of year and expect to see and do everything grrrrrrrr…:angry:


I have had similar experiences SW. Some cannot wait to tell me what an awful time they had, and can’t understand how we’d want to go back year after year.
I say ‘did you do this’ or ‘did you do that’ and they keep saying no no and no. So, you didn’t get the full Disney experience then, I could have told you a wealth of stuff ( mainly learned from here) that would enable you to have had the time of your life - but hey you’ve never been yet know everything- oh well SW, we can’t please 'em all, and course there’s more room for us!


I think this has happened to all of us. The way I look at it is - hey, if you want to waste your money, go for it.

I gave a ton of advice (all asked for) to a neighbour a few years ago - one of the most important being “get to the parks EARLY” and turns out they never got there before 11 a.m. I told them to familiarize themselves with the Parks - and gave them maps - they didn’t look at them. And on and on. She actually said to me “you didn’t tell me that Epcot was a different park”.:pinch: And on and on. Naturally they had a lousy time. Naturally I was to blame.


The only solution is to nod and smile sweetly while you mentally roll your eyes.

I have been to WDW for a grand total of… twice. Before my first trip I studied! I had it all figured out. We navigated with ease and had what my DH says is the best vacation he’s ever been on. But that’s because I planned. I just don’t understand spending that much money… or even HALF that much money!.. and just going into something blind.

It’s not like going to the beach for the day. (Of course, even THAT I plan!)


I guess I am just super protective of my favorite vacation spot…and will defend it till the death…by dueling mickey ice creams…or turkey legs…or…or…something…:laugh::laugh:

And Andrea…I am a big planner yes even for day trips…

And Dixie you are right…if they don’t go back…more room for us!!!

…can’t believe your neighbor didn’t even know about Epcot llama…shaking my head…


you simply take the high and mighty route and say…‘well if you had done as I said and listened, then it would of been fun and happy’…‘you chose to ignore…so tuff’ …add a ner ner nee ner ner in for good measure and smile.

Failing that…poke them in the eye! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


I guess I should clarify that…I’m a big planner except for the minute by minute details while at WDW…as to that, I prefer to plan as I go…


I tell them to have a good time and then when they return and complain I tell sorry you had a bad trip, planning is important when doing something as big as Disney. I would be happy to help you if you decide to go back.


I dont give advice unless I know the people will listen… I keep it all a mysterious secret… then they listen. I swear it works…


I had a coworker who I gave typed info in which she said she would read on the plane. Came back complaining. I asked if she followed any of my advice. She said no. That they were with another family so did what they wanted to do. Decided right there not to waste my time anymore.

Then again, my SIL always said she never understood my absolute love of Disney until she invited me to be her and her friend’s family tour guide there. She kept saying “I had no clue Disney had this much stuff to do!”


I always figured if they were stubborn enough not to glean from my expertise, they deserve to have a horrible time. :laugh:


Grrr…I get so angry just talking about this. I give advice to people all the time. If they listen, they have a wonderful time. If they don’t, they deserve to have a bad trip. When they come back complaining, I can’t help but tell them it was their fault for not listening. When someone tells us they had a bad time at WDW, my husband and I’s first response is always “then you did it wrong”. Period. It is there problem if they do it wrong. Frankly, if they’re never going back then that just means less crowds for me!


I don’t sweat it. It’s like anything else in life; you do what you can, but you can not control/do everything. If they didn’t have a good time, it is on them.


I have gone through this over and over… Even with my brother in law. You just have to realize at the end of the day you can’t control people and they realize you we’re right without you saying “told you so”.


My advice is usually well received, but some of the feedback that i get from my friends deal with costs and availability of rides/reservations. Things that are getting more and more difficult to control. I wont carry water for the mouse when it comes to costs especially since they’ve completely outsourced all product manufacturing to China (Walt would cringe). I guess my success is because I only offer it when asked. Those are the folks that intend to take it.


We have had the same problem but lately the ones asking have ask when we were going and could they tag along. It seems that the word around my friends is that we are the experts on WDW. We even had my youngest daughter husband family ask us to go with them when that go. It nice to be wanted by her in-laws.


Sounds like all of us have tried to give good advice only to be ignored. Several of my friends think Disney is too much work! Not a lot of work if you just do a little reading, take advice from those who have been and then you CAN relax.


I guess I just have to learn to keep my mouth shut, and when people complain about their trip…just let it go. …it’s just that they look at me like I’m crazy for going at all…just because they didn’t read or plan well and they had a bad time.

I also think that WDW and DL are just not for everybody…but I still think you don’t know until you go! :slight_smile:


Easy! I just go during the same week and cut in front of them in line.



Now there you go!!! :laugh: