We just invited my MIL to fly down to Orlando and spend the week-end with us at the end of March when DD and I have to be there for her cheer competition. So, today I was looking at flights for my MIL from NY. Now I can’t get a flight out of Boston or Providence for less than $340 round trip - even with a layover. But, she can get one out of NY for $164 round trip no stops. What gives???

Anyone looking to fly out of NY - try Continental.


OOPS - never mind - I just noticed that was out of Newark. Still, anyone flying out of Newark can get a good deal.


There’s a difference between New York and Newark? :laugh:


Maggie, the flights to MCO from Orlando seem to be extremely high for most of the beginning of next year. I am trying to help my cousin plan her April trip and can’t find anything under $500 pp roundtrip yet. I know it is still a bit early for April but that is still insane. I have rarely paid over $200-$225 to fly from Boston to MCO at all different times of year.

I am “grrring” with you!


Newark might be more accessible then JFK and LGA. Though it is congested, Newark is a hub for Continental. That will give more flights and priority air space for the trip home. Trust me, I know after getting hosed on a Jet Blue flight and we ran out of fuel. Newark still wouldn’t let us in!
On the same note Jet Blue flys from EWR to MCO non-stop and they are pretty cheap. If your MIL is getting dropped off at he airport and not parking, it would be worth it.
Just my 2 cents!
Good Luck


That is ridiculous…why is airfare so high anymore???


I have to agree with that frustration. It’s like it hit an all-time high and refuses to come back down! :mad: