I have a fan of grumpy that wants to see him. Is he one of the characters that is usually out and about? I don’t think that I have seen that many pictures if any of the seven dwarfs.



I wish I knew the answer…I know Cavey is GRUMPY…sometimes I can be grumpy…

Disneyhog - he gets grumpy…

But, I really don’t know if Grumpy the characer socializes…I hope he does!


Snow White and all seven dwarves were out for pictures at Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party last Oct.


There are many on this board that know the whereabouts of the characters a lot more than I do, and I’m sure they’ll be along to help, but I can say that I don’t think Grumpy is one of the more common characters to find.

To find all 7 of the Dwarves along with Snow White is even rarer, and usually only happens on special occasions, as a previous poster mentioned.


My Dw has given me about 15 Disney shirts, ALL are Grumpy!!! Is she
telling me something?:laugh:


<—Notice the avatar??

I am GRUMPY!!!

On our honeymoon I even got the Grumpy cap that says “Dwarfs Fear Me, Women Want Me”


I guess we will have to make it a mission to find the illusive ole’ guy. At least I know that we will be able find some grumpy gear!


I gave my mom a shirt that said “Sometimes I wake up grumpy…sometimes I let him sleep”. That always made me laugh!

Sorry, don’t know where you can find Grumpy in the parks.