Guess what came in the mail today?


Well yesterday really, but I just got my mail today…

My ME packet!!! YEAH!!!

The only problem with it is it had to return info! And I told CRO twice about our split stay… guess I’ll have to call again!!


:wacko: The paperwork is the trigger to Disney Mania. It get’s more and more exciting.


Trigger??? I already have that!! It’s year round!!! :laugh:


I hear you!:laugh:


how true people jsut shake their heads and look at me strange. Im proud to admit Im addicted. How exciting we are drving so we do not get that stuff.


:wacko: I am going to start a support group to get us through the month’s we are not there.


great idea can we hold our meetings in WDW.


We are also doing a split stay. Part Pop/ part BCV. I called to make the arrangements and was told by the DVC people that they could do the return part from the BCV, but we had to call someone else for the POP part. My DD made that part of the ressie, so I told her she needed to call. She hasn’t done it yet but yesterday I got tags for ME that say for POP on sept 26 (right date) but no airline info. Our trip last yr they had the right resort, but the dates and airlines were all wrong and everything worked out OK.


Well I just called ME, they said I should be getting another packet for departure!! So now I feel relieved!!

I wouldn’t mind being “stuck” in disney, but my job might!! :laugh:


Do they send the ME stuff at the same time they send the rest of your travel docs? The CM I talked to when I made the final payment said my documents would be mailed on Mon (tomorrow).


It’s a different package. But your ME stuff should be right behind your travel docs! They usually come around the 30 day mark!


Awesome! Hopefully my travel docs will arrive this week since they’re being mailed TODAY! :smiley: It’ll be a Disney kind of week for the mail with my docs coming, ME docs, and my 2008 Unofficial Guide!!


I got my second ME packet (for our departure) yesterday!! I made sure I wrote arrival and departure on both so I don’t put the wrong tags on my bags…


for dunce’s like me in the UK what is a ME package/document?:laugh:


Man I wish I had my pkg. I am still waiting. :blink:


It’s for Magical Express. You aren’t a dunce!! I get confused with the abbreviations all the time!!


You might want to call on it!!! Just to make sure that they have you on their reservation system! If you don’t get the tags (magical express tags) you may need to walk your luggage to the magical express bus instead of them getting transferred to your hotel…