Guess What I Bought Today!


Disney Vacation Club!!!

DH has been promising me for probably about a year that we would go visit the Doorway to Dreams store at Woodfield Mall, here in Illinois, that sells DVC (He HATES malls, so it did take about a year to finally get him there!). Today was the day. We had no intentions about buying anything, I just wanted to get a taste of Disney that would hold me over til next year.

Well, after meeting with Kathy, a wonderful CM, and seeing the deal we could get, we walked out of there purchasing, which is so out of my “safety” personality. I never buy things quickly. Usually have to do my homework. I guess I’ve been dreaming about this so much, I jumped.

This is going to be the shocker to all the fellow Mousebuzzers who know me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AKL and I didn’t purchase there! They had the rooms set up for Bay Lake Towers, and we were so impressed, and the annual costs were lower, so we ended up purchasing at Bay Lake. I’m still in shock. Never in a million years would I even think of not purchasing AKV, and here I did it today.


SEEEEEEEE!! BLT bites ya right when you least expect it! I was EXACTLY like you, TOTALLY in love with AKL & then decided to add on at BLT.



Thanks Wishy. DH kept looking at me saying “I like this…this is set up so great…” When they gave us our choices, we both said we were leaning toward BLT, but I couldn’t believe it was coming out of my mouth.


Congrats!!! How exciting!!!


Congratulations! I know you must be thrilled. It sounds like BLT is impressive. Any thoughts about when you will plan your first stay?


Congrats on the purchase…


Congrats new neighbor!!! And WELCOME HOME!!!




OH CONGRATS- I would love to DVC but DH doesn’t want to… Maybe I can talk him into a look while we are there in September.


Congrats and Welcome Home!

BLT is going to be so awesome that I’m considering adding on some more points there this week.


Congratulations. BLT is an exciting resort and the location can’t be beat :flowers:


That’s another reason why I didn’t think we would buy, because dh not too long ago started a new job, so limited vacation time, and wouldn’t be able to go until next year. Now he’s saying he could probably get a day off here and there, so this year in October we are planning a 3 day weekend. It’s a start!


Welcome Home!


BLT is gorgeous! I love AKL too but I think I’d buy BLT in a hot second.



When my store opens in August here in NY, we will also have the BLT models for guests to see as well. They are REALLY impressive! Heck, the first time we saw them in person we bought, too!

CONGRATS AGAIN!!! There is NOTHING like DVC! You will be SO glad you bought in!


Congrats! I live in Schaumburg, 10 min. from Woodfield. I was in Doorway to Dreams shortly after they opened, but haven’t been recently. I’d love to stop by and see the BLT rooms, but I’m afraid I might be a little tempted…:blush:


Wow, congratulations!! Glad to hear you got a good deal, too. :slight_smile:


That’s great. Welcome to the Club and Home!


Congrats!! Welcome to DVC.


CONGRATULATIONS! That is soooo exciting!