Guess What I Got In The Mail Today!


YES!!! You got it our Magical Express envelope can today with only 35 days to go…

As soon as I get home from Vegas next week, I am going to start to seriously pack.


Woohoo! It just makes that trip seem closer! I am still waitiing on our paperwork from AAA. It should be here anytime!!


Yahoo!!! Dee you are that much closer to your trip. I am so excited for you guys!!!:happy:


That is so exciting !!! I know it made my trip seem like it was really going to happen!


Taht is so exciting. I am so happy for you and MissSmig.


That’s great news. Your magical trip will be here before you know it.


YAY FOR YOU! :happy:


I know you are excited cause we are all excited for you. Doesn’t it seem like our WDW vacation takes forever to get here but it’s over too fast?!


I am very jealous! Enjoy!!!


that is sooo true


YAY I absolutely LOVE that feeling!! It’s almost as good as getting money in the mail that you didn’t expect! :laugh:


I have yet to experience the ‘getting money in the mail that you didn’t expect!’ When does that happen?:ohmy:


That is one of the most exciting envelopes in the whole United States!!

I’m excited for you!


Yeah for mail from Disney!!! I’m excited for you!!! You’ve been waiting awhile for this trip and it’s almost here!!


I went to get the mail after HollyLynne surgery and saw it was from ME, I had MissSMIG open it. She had a smile on her face you won’t believe.

Our FAMILY trip is now a reality!


Good for you, I cant wait to receive mine in a couple of months


Congrats Dee! we got our MYW package sent Fed Ex it arrived yesterday- so exciting isnt it?


Oh I haven’t got the MYW package yet… just my Magical Express tickets and tags.

Waiting on those key tags


Dixie, I read in your signature ‘with parcial free dining’. I’m curious as to how we can get parcial free dining?:confused:


Great news! My parents got theirs last week and are super excited too.