Guess what?


I’m going to WDW!!! :laugh:
I just booked a trip for Aug.20-27 for my 2 youngest daughters and myself to stay at Pop. We are really excited.


Congrats! Hope you 3 have a blast.


Awesome!! See ya there Karliebug!! I will be there August 18th-26th! Bring your raincoat, umbrella, lots of sunblock, and ummm, maybe those big rubber rain boots! :tongue: :wink: :smile:



It’s always great to hear when someone books a WDW trip!! :happy:


Oh, that’s a great time to go: still with long summer hours, but the crowds go way down.
Good for you! :happy:


Don’t forget to take The DewMan… :wink:

Congrats on booking the trip. I’ve been in August. It’s pretty warm, but the crowds are pretty decent. We had a great time…


weehooo, great news. Any definite plans yet?


Oh my, I’ll be there the SAME time!!! See you there!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:


Might not be so bad, Florida school kids will be going back that week.


Have fun!!! :happy:


YAY!!! I’ve been in August (beginning of the month) and it rained every day!!! :angry: But it was still awesome. Next time I go in August, I will go at the end of the month!

HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!! So…what are your plans so far? :tongue:


Wow, great news! Keep us up to date on all your plans! :laugh:


Great!! You will have a blast! Keep us updated on your plans!


Well, I’ve made my adr’s. Chef mickey breakfast, and dinners at Ohana’s, Sci Fi Diner, 19oo Prk Fare, Garden Grill, and Hoop de doo(of course!). I might switch the garden grill and go to whispering canyon instead. I wanted le celier but it was all booked up the night I wanted. That’s all so far.


Congratulations on the trip! Your plans look great, you’re going to have a great time.


Love the girls vaca plan! Sounds like you’ll have a blast!


That’s great! A girls trip sounds like great fun!


No WAY! I am totally shocked :wink: Kidding…I knew when you posted about the free dining and a possible trip, that you were going. How can you resist that? LOL Congrats Karliebug!!!


Good for you!! I hope you have a great time.


Congrats and have a great time!