Guess what!


I know I haven’t even left for my trip that is in 14 days, but i just confirmed reservations for a quick trip in September, for just me and my best friend. We are going September 19 - 22nd and we are staying in the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge!

I am so excited i have never stayed at this resort. My best friend, whose name is Jen has never been to any Disney park before.



Two trips in one year, AWESOME! Congrats to you!


Oh can I come too! I love WLV and want to stay there so badly! We tried to change our reservations on the last trip, right up to arrival! You will truly enjoy it.
your friend is really going to be blown away! I’m so excited for people who have never been before, it’s the MOST magical of trips!


Brandon, wow, what a reosrt! You are going to really have a wonderful time. And you can make ADRs in just a week or so, right? Better get to planning… LOL!


Brandon, thats fantastic news well done two trips lucky you!


I know how you feel. We are staying at AKV and VWL for the first time and I told my DH we actually might spend some time hanging around the resorts.


Oh, lucky you Brandon. Two trips so close together. And at the WL no less. I’m soooo jealous.


It has been a busy day. I have made the reservation for the room. I have sent lots of resort information and restuarant information to Jen and i have booked my flight. Jen is booking hers tonight.

I am making her choose restuarants since she has never been. We are already 13 days passed the 180 day mark so i told her we need to hurry with those ADR’s.


That’s so great!!! 2 trips in one year is fantastic. And its always fun to go with a first-timer :slight_smile:


You’ll have to let us know what she picks for reservations. I wish I could help her!


It’s always fun going with a first-timer!!


Very cool indeed! :happy:


Ohh I bet you’ll LOVE WLV! How exciting!


That is awesome! You are going to be at the WL Villas at the same time I will be at the WL!



That is so exciting to be going twice in one year and with a first timer to boot!! This is going to be the first time that I will go twice in a year and I’m thrilled.:laugh: