Guess What?


We’re danc’in, :goofybounce: We’re danc’in… :cheshire:

Rlander & Daisee are single digit danc’in!!! :simba: YAHOOO!!!


:cheshire: :cheshire: How fun!!! I’m dancin’ along with ya’!


congrats I just wish I was in the double digits. Soon Though


Lucky you. Is there a “under 200 daz dance”? If not, maybe I’ll make one up. Have you told us how you’re going to tell your son about his surprise? I forgot if you did. Enjoy your cha cha cha and get to that packing.:laugh:


Congrats! We’re almost there too! SO excited!


Congrats! have fun! Im doin the dance too!!


Man…I want to single digit dance!!! Oh well, happy dancing to all you guys and I’ll meet up with you in a few months!:laugh:


Have fun dancing! We’re only a few days behind you.


Soon you will be DANCIN’ DOWN MAIN STREET!! Congrats to you!! :happy:


Have fun!!


Have fun dancing.


Yahooo!!! I love that you’re dancin’ bc that means I am ALMOST dancin!


YAY!!! :happy:

Start tangoing!


Awesome! I’ll dance with you…


Gotta love doin’ the dance! Have a great time!
Wife and I were looking at some cheap Ding fares this morning, $66 one way for June 26th but we don’t think we will do well in the heat of late June-early July!


Congratulations!!:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:


WOOHOOO you guys dance away!! :heart:


Enjoy your dance!


Well… we are dancing so much right now… I can hardly type.:laugh: :laugh:

We are 98% packed, checked in with the airline, & ready to go. We leave early in tomorrow morning.


Daisee, you two must be so excited right now! Have a blast, can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home!