Guess where DH's Christmas party is


Yep you guessed it Disney … Wolfgang pucks in DTD to be exact so guess who gets an paid trip to Disney . YEP ME thats right woohoooo … We get to go for overnight so DH said of course we can spend the day before coming home at Epcot … I also want to go to Bomas for Dinner before we come home … Richards Christmas party is December 14th and they are paying for the hotel ( have no clue if its on property or off yet ) … and December 15th we get to spend the day woohoo at my favorite place in the world … I cant believe I get to go back so soon I thought we were taking a break for a couple of years but nope I get an overnight trip woohoo…


WOW, that’s pretty awesome, a Christmas party and a hotel night’s stay!! We get a $25 gift certificate for Honey Baked Ham. :frowning:


I know I am in shock …


One question…Are they hiring where he works:cool:


:laugh: unfortunatly they are actually laying people off …


Bummer, thought I was onto something for a minute! Anyway, have a wonderful time you lucky girl!


WOW… that is some Christmas Party!!


Oh that is wonderful… I am so jealous.
I would love to be at WDW at Christmas time…

Maybe next time… SMIGGERS work on your StepDad!!!


Can I just go to the party? :laugh:


thats so awesome! YUM!!!


That’s awesome Cheryl!!!