Guess where I am


I’m lying on our bed at Bay Lake Tower looking at Cinderella Castle! My guys just drifted off to sleep and I’m enjoying the beautiful view. Life is good.


:wub: :wub: :wub:


Love it! (:


That is awesome! Sweet dreams!


How wonderful! That must be an amazing view! Enjoy your trip.




I knew your trip was coming up. Can’t believe it’s here already. Enjoy! These memories you are making right now will be with you forever!


How wonderful! Enjoy every minute of your trip!


I’m jealous! Have a great trip!


Wish I was there. Have a Magical vacation.


Totally awesome! Have a wonderful time!


It’s GOOD to be a DVC member!

Hope it’s COOLER there. We are supposed to hit 104 tomorrow with heat index of 125! :fork_off:


Wow…that sounds like heaven!! Enjoy your trip!!


Sounds Super Magical! :heart:


Sounds perfect…enjoy!




I know I am not supposed to covet, but I am!:blush:



I’m so jelous!! I would love to stay there someday! Hope you have a super vacation! I’mm leaving for my adult only trip in 9 Days:laugh:


Sounds amazing! I wish I was there! haha. :laugh:


awww, enjoy!