Guess where my daughter is going


To see Hannah Montana… Well I dont know if she will be there or what but for the pat month she has told me that her friend at school has 2 tickets to go see HM and she wants her to go. I kept telling my DD ok like it will never happen so today I finally checked my voice mail on my home phone (which I never do because I always use my cell) and there was a message from the little girls mom stating that her DD got 2 tickets to see HM for xmas and one was for a friend and the little girl wants to bring my DD. I thougt that was soo nice. So i thought HM was out of my area so I jumped on google and only thing I came up with my 2-2-08 was a 3 d concert in Cherry Hill. has anyone ever heard of this?


After HM’s concert tour sold out so fast, they decided to put it on the big screen so more kids got a chance to “go”. It’s being released across the country as a 3-D movie during February…it includes the concert and some behind-the-scenes stuff as well.

So no, it’s not really a concert and Hannah won’t be there (:sad:)…but it’s still pretty awesome and should be a lot of fun for all the girls who didn’t get to see her live.

I actually got tickets for Christmas (:laugh:) but they were for February 4th and we are now going to be in WDW during that time…I decided when it came down to it, I would choose WDW over Hannah! :tongue:


my girls are so excited for the hannah concert at the movies - its the best of both worlds (hahaha) - movie theater popcorn and hannah!!


That sounds soo cool. My daughter is only 6 so there is probally no way I would have let her go to the concert without me so the movies works just fine


We have tickets for Feb. 2nd, and all I could get was the last showing of the nite at 9:45pm. According to the website fandango, where I got my tickets, the show is only an hour and a half! :confused:
Seems we are paying the double price of a movie for the same amount of time or whatever but we are paying more for the “3-D” part of it.

wonder if they will have alot of HM merchandise at the theatres? :confused:


I dont know how much the tickets were because she was invited but I will send her with some $ to spend (if she cleans her room).When was this info released? I havent heard of this till today


I want to say… in December? :confused:


Im so out of the loop on everthing. :laugh: I guess I need to get with the program. I think she will have a blast. She’s 6 anyways I dont think she would know the difference


I heard the info on this in late November, but I was working at a movie theater at the time, so I don’t know if that was before the public knew about it? I think Val is right, it was officially announced sometime in December.


We are going on Feb. 1 at 1:00 p.m. I got an e-mail about this so I bought DD and I tickets for Christmas. They cost about $15. I have to drive about an hour to take her as it is only being shown in limited theaters.

She’s going to have a great time.


She wil have a blast. Where did you sign up for the Emails? I cant bel that Im so lost!


I get a whole bunch of different e-mails from different areas of the Disney company. I’m not exactly sure which one sent it though.