Guess who ADDED 2 nights to their Nov. trip?


Because I have a co-worker who is a wonderful, amazing, fantastic friend who had JUST ENOUGH dvc points that were ABOUT to expire & nobody was biting at them for rent… guess who was the benefitiary of 2 more wonderful nights in WDW? :whistling

ME!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

SoooOOoOooOO, our big, fun, exciting November trip is NOW going to be from November 16th-25th INSTEAD of the 18th-25th! :mickey:

AND AND AND… because I have another wonderful, beautiful, awesome friend who has serious Continental hook-ups guess who is changing their flight for virtually nothing? :whistling ME!!!

SO, we are getting two more GLORIOUS nights in WDW for virtually nada :biggrin: Well, we’ll have to buy food those days but I figure Daniel and I usually eat out on the weekends anyway so we might as well be eating in WDW!!

YAY!! Let’s hear it for trip extentions and gracious co-workers… hip hip HOORAY! :biggrin:

(can ya tell I’m excited?)


Hip, hip hooray!!

I saw you had posted that and nobody was biting! :laugh:

Good for you guys. You’ll have an even better time now!


Oh… that is so great… I am seriously jealous!


Wow, that is awesome!! Enjoy!!


That is fantastic news!! I am sure you are totally pumped!! Congrats!


That’s wicked! Congrats!


Lucky you. I’d love to add a day or two to our trip.

Toyota Usa Automobile Museum Specifications


That is SO Cool!!! I bet she’ll be getting a super souvineer, huh!!!


I thought I was going to be able to catch a MVMCP because of the extension but they STILL don’t have any listed that we can attend :sad: They DO have one listed on the 16th but we won’t be arriving until 9pm, then they SKIP almost 9 days :glare: and don’t have one listed until the 25th!!! :sad: We’re departing on the 25th!!! Why are they skipping such a block of time? sheesh! Don’t they know I haven’t been to a MVMCP since 2003? :crying:


Good for you! I am so jealous, I would love to take a fall trip but we just don’t get enough time off school to make it worth it.


I hear ya; amazingly, we will be in WDW for 9 nights and I am only missing 2 & a 1/2 days of school. I tried to maximize time with taking the MINIMUM off of work. So, thankfully it worked out that I will only be missing 2 full days and one 1/2 day. I STILL feel bad about doing that :blush: but I am always good attendence wise :smile:


You’re lucky you can do that, we really aren’t allowed to miss school for vacations. I would have to lie about it and my BFF is my boss so that’s not happening.


Why would you have to lie, they don’t give you personal days or anything? That seems crazy to me!! I generally don’t take any days off other than being sick but we do have things we can use just in case.


We get personal days but we have rules on how we can use them. I think that is going to be relaxed a bit this year but we still can’t take them before or after a 3 day weekend and I don’t think we can take them back to back.


Ahhhh, ok, we are allowed to use them basically however we want. ALTHOUGH, we cannot use them the day before or the day after a holiday. So, I was told by an administrator that I can use a personal day Mon & Tues but have to take a 1/2 day unpaid for Wednesday.

At least I was honest about it, still feel kinda bad but at least it’s not A LOT of time.

OK, now you have me feeling really guilty you rule follower you… :wink: :angel:


:laugh: I am a rule follower but I have to be, my BFF is my boss, she would find out and then I would feel bad. My DH is the real rule follower, he is so straight.


Jess, that is Awesome!!! :cool: :happy:


I’m so excited for you!!! What’s better than a holiday vacation in Disney??? A holiday vacation in Disney PLUS TWO EXTRA NIGHTS!!!


that is awesome!! congrats!!


Yay more Disney time …