Guess who is going to Disney


Yep you guessed it I am going to Disney We usually go around October 28th 2006 ( my anniversary ) but DH has to work on Our Anniversary this Year ( yep he has inventory on a Saturday :angry: ) We decided to go October 12-16 instead Friends from Colorado are going to be there too so we get to visit with them that weekend too .

here are our plans

Arrive after work Thursday October 12 around 7 pm trying Raglan road at 9 pm for a late dinner

Friday MGM
2 pm 50s prime time cafe lunch

epcot food and wine festival snacking and just eating counter service that day

Cp for dinner
Monday go home day AK
and counter service at AK


Oh yay!! I am so excited for you!


yahh!! i’ll be there then too!! I think we’ll probaly do Food & Wine that Sat too unless we just can’t stand the anticpation anymore and hit it earlier in the week!


Awesome, where are you staying?

Lisa :mickey:


I am staying at POFQ


Have fun! :wink:


That’s wonderful! I’m excited for you!! :mickey:


Ohhhh I love that resort!

Have fun!

Lisa :mickey:


AWESOME, girlie!!! (I hope you make a trip in December, too! :happy: )

Will you have the dining plan?? If so, you have more ADRs to make, Missy…:laugh:


That sounds like so much fun! I cannot wait for the Food and Wine Festival! Have a great time and Happy Anniversary! :mickey:


Congrats to you cheryl! Sorry you won’t be going for your anniversary, but am thrilled that you are getting to go. The plans look good…it’s going to be a great trip!


Congrats, that sounds like such a fun trip!! :biggrin: (And you’re staying at POFQ - yay, that’s where I want to stay next!)

Ugh. :blink: I just saw Goof Father’s avatar. A Dole Whip Float. begins to drool Pleeeeeease have one of those for me! :noo:


No dining plan I have an Ap and the Disney dining experience card Richard and I talked it over and since we are on WW we thought it would be way to much food for us and it would make us go off program


Congrats on the trip, Cheryl! Your plans look good–have a great time.