Guess who is now working as


A costumed character at Disneyland? That’s right! Our very own Dznygrl! She tried out yesterday and was fitted for costumes today and she fit seven characters! She is really excited and I know we all will be too!


how exciting! does she know who’ll she be?


Wow! Do we know what the 7 are?

Of course, this will make it a lot harder to say hi! :tongue:


Yeah, she fits Winnie the pooh, Max, Terk, Gideon, Chip and Dale, Penguin and Jesse! She will be all of those at some point. Yeah, it will be difficult to find her now, but she gets a pretty decent raise and more hours.


Oh wow, AWESOME!!! How cool!!! Jesse would be ADORABLE!!!


That is great news! :happy: ( I miss her and Dh post’s)


That is so cool! :heart: Thanks for letting us know!!


That’s so great! I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures!


That is so cool. Congratulations, Kim!!


Wow congrats awesome job assignments


Congrats!!! I am so excited for you, girlie!!! :wub:


That is INSANELY cool!!! That was a dream! and it came true! I’m extatic!!!


I miss Dizzy :crying: I’m just glad that she is doing so great :happy:


Oh that is so great for her! She must so excited.

Like everyone else here I am so proud of her (and DH) for follow her dream and making it come true!!!


WOW! What a cool bit of news. Send our congrats to her. :biggrin:


Congrats dznygrl! That is amazing news.


Congratulations, Kim!!!


That’s so great! Congrats to Kim! :mickey:


Well now, that is pretty awesome news! Congrats!!


That is a dream! Congrats to her!