Guess who


is now a DVC member?

That’s right—ME!!!

I just got a call from our guide and our contract finally came through. We now own 200 points at Beach Club Villas. We got the 2007 points so we’ll bank those and have 400 points to use next summer.

I am so excited!! I’m doing the DVC dance…


OH MY GOSH!!! This is just outta’ control all these new DVC members!! I love it!!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE congratulations! I am SO happy for you! You definately made the right choice for your family! :heart:


Wow Steph! Congratulations!!!


Thanks, Wishy and ddoll. I’m so excited…I have been waiting for this call for 3 months. When the phone rang I was getting stuff out of the oven and my son answered at about the same time my DH said “It’s DVC!!” I knew before I got on the phone we had our points.

We did make the right choice for our family, we needed to buy where we want to stay since our dates aren’t flexible. If we could go any time it wouldn’t matter so much but we are pretty locked in with our dates.




DT… that is wonderful… so happy for you!! Congrats & Enjoy!!


Congrats Steph! We’re so happy for you!!!


Congrats DT!!! I am thrilled for you all!


Thanks guys! I’m so excited, it doesn’t even seem real yet. Well, it really isn’t because we haven’t signed anything or paid a dime but the paper work is on the way.

I really wanted a March use year but December should work for us with the new banking rules. We should know by July if we can use the points or not.


Good for you DT.:smile:




YEAH!!! Im so happy for you! Why did it take so long for you? was it that you bought a resale instead? Duh- nevermind you had to because you bought BCV… That is so exciting! I know that I cant stop jumping up and down with excitement - you waited 3 months to do your dance so dance away!!!




Way to go Steph!!!


Yes, we had to wait because we only wanted Beach Club Villas. We love that resort and wanted it to be our home for years to come. I’m worried that as DVC grows it will be harder to get in a non-home resort so we bought where we want to stay the most.

We did buy through Disney but had to wait list to get it. It was almost 3 months to the day.


Oh Wow!!! Congratulations, Stephanie. You were “ripe”. Going as much as you guys go. This is going to be a whole new experience. You’re going home :happy:


wow- I have never stayed at any of the DVC resorts so I have nothing else to compare them to- I thought about getting “in” with a small purchase via resale but it just was not what I really wanted to do with it so I figured starting somewhere is better than never starting at all- Im so jealous that you knew without a doubt where you want to always be- I look forward to trying new things and places too…unfortunately at an additional $95 a try…:glare:


I know! THe best part is that I get to bank 200 points so we’ll have 400 to play with next year. We have our summer trip booked and paid for and I’m not changing it. (I bought 100 points to transfer to my friends account and we’re using her points for the rest of our 2 bedroom.) We added 2 nights at WL but one night is paid for so that just leaves one more night to pay at check in.

For a couple of years we’ll be ahead and not borrowing points–I wonder how long that will last…


Well, we’ve stayed at SSR (1 time), BWV (1 time) and BCV (3 times) and truly love Beach Club, it just fits us. We also like WL but haven’t stayed in the villas. WL was our second choice but we couldn’t not buy BCV. I’m sure we’ll move around some but BCV will always be our first choice. If I’m going to spend $20,000 I want it to be right.


Gee, have you ever thought about bringing a “nanny” for little Nathan? Could you not use some time just for yourself or with Mike. You did hear that Victoria & Albert’s no longer allows children? Just sayin’