Guess Who's Going to DisneyWorld!


ME! ME! ME! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

September 10th will see us booking into our home away from home - Old Key West where we’ll spend five days and then on to BWV or VWL (haven’t decided yet) for an additional 3 days!!!



What a lucky llama you are!!! :mickey:

Now, where is that countdown of yours??


Sounds great…good for you!!!


Yay! I can’t wait to hear about your plans!


AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see what you have planned!!!


I wish I could say I was happy for you and mean it. But right now I am just green with envy. I’m sure it will pass. :glare: :tongue:

I think Disney is just lovely in Sept. :happy:


Oh, hoooray! How’d this decision come about? :biggrin:


Very cool! And…very jealous! No…not really…I’m happy for ya!


I am jealous…really jealous, but happy at the same time…strange huh? LOL Kidding, I am thrilled for you, my dear friend. I can’t wait to shove some plans down your throat and harrass you about packing…lol


llama! We will be there too!!! 9/8 - 9/17…maybe we will get a chance to meet! :heart:


That’s wonderful Llamamama! So much fun to plan isn’t it??? :mickey: :biggrin:


Thank you everyone! :biggrin:

I am excited. I am also extremely stressed. I never feel disorganized until I read everyone else’s plans and they have everything arranged down to the last Mickey bar… The Dining Plan is giving me nightmares. Is it worth it? How will I ever eat all that food? Will I want all that food every night? What if a snack is $4.09 - can I have it and pay the extra 9 cents?

I never live up to Dana’s expectations. She knows what she’ll be doing on October 22 at 3:04 in the afternoon. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the next five minutes. I pack at the last second. I make lists and then forget where I put the lists. Last time I forgot my runners. :crying:

Don’t get me started on the Countdown - I’d do it, but I can’t find a calendar to actually countdown…and we haven’t decided exactly which day we’re going on … and the Countdown instructions just make me cry…

I have three more nights and can’t decide where to stay…

Should we have a car for the whole time? Half the time?..

Yaay! I’m going to WDW. :crying:

(Alicefan - it would be wonderful to meet up! On that point I’m definite! I’ll add you to the list…if I could just find a pad of paper…)


Great news!! Don’t let Dana stress you out :wink: – just relax and IMO, yes, the dining plan is worth it! But even if you decide not to get the DP, be sure and book those ADRs soon because everyone on the free dining will have them booked! Congrats!!!


This is how I like to think about the dining plan: It’s going to cost just about the same for the DP as it would if you ate minimally. With the DP, you just get to have more choices. No matter what, food is going to to get wasted, because the portions are huge. I just let it go, and be happy to eat EXACTLY what I feel like without worrying about the price!

Don’t stress! (Just because I spent the morning color coding a chart so it will be as easy as possible for me to call 1st thing Monday morning to make my ADRs for DECEMBER, and because under the chart is a list of details for each day, doesn’t mean that you have to do that! It means that I’m compulsive about this! Relax and enjoy! Yay! :laugh:)


AWESOME Llama!!! My vote is for the 3 days at BWV!! Then you can enjoy the romanticism inspired by the BEAUTY of the Boardwalks on the Jersey Shore :wink: :angel: :laugh:


THIS time, Miss Caisley and I won’t let you get away! LOL!

We’ll DEFINITELY be seeing you this September!! I’ll JUST be missing you for my week at WDW, but I’m coming down to meet Alicefan, so I’ll just hafta make sure I meet you that day, too!!! :wub: :happy: :heart: :biggrin: YAY!!

I’m so excited for you!! You’ve just been HOPING AND WISHING for some time at WDW!!


More stress… :crying:


AND look across to the perfect BEACH CLUB - where tow-headed children fly their kites…and perfect mothers sip mimosas on the veranda, waiting for their handsome stockbroker husbands to come down for the weekend. :wink:


Well THANK YOU VERY MUCH Andrea. :dry: (no, I’m not a loser, no, I"m not a loser…)



I’d love to meet up with the charming Miss Caisley! :heart: