Guess Who's Single Digit Dancing?!?!



Well OFFICIALLY in 3 hours I will be single digit dancing but I am going to bed so I am cheating a bit!! :tongue: I know there are a bunch of other MBers that are dancing with me, SO let’s see it!!! :biggrin:

I still have to…

  • decide what to pack
  • buy Daniel’s annual pass (have the $ stashed, just haven’t called yet)
  • PACK
  • Get soooo excited that I can’t sleep


I am going to find a dance for each of the nine days left… :tongue:

Here is anticipating Day number 8:


alright, join the party!



On day number 7, I will look like this when I am single-digit boogey-ing, I’ll even be wearing the fur!!! :laugh:


Sing with me…

“On the 7th day of dancing,
Wishy will look like thiiiiiisssssss…”

(OK, minus the obvious physiological differences :laugh:)


On the 6th ‘single-digit day’ left I will grab Daniel and make him dance with me before I BEG him to help me pack!!


For day number 5 I be will celebrating with one of my FAVORITE bands of all time and dancing around the living room to 'the nuttiest sound around."

(Please someone tell me they love Madness too)


I know that you are getting ready to go to sleep but I need to see the rest of your dances because I am laughing so hard that I can’t stand it!!!


OK, so for Day 4 it will be more like a panicky dance b/c it will JUST hit me that I have to WORK all day on the Friday we depart and I’ll have a scary dance that looks more like this:


“On the third day of dancing
Daniel will say to me…
JESS, did you pack my things?”

I will say… NO SUCKA’ pack yo’ own junk!!

And I will dance in his face like this:


blech, that’s not worthy of # 8…let’s go for something more exciting

errr…this is where I was supposed to paste some dancing animation in here but am too dopey to do it :redface:


that is hysterical!!!


On the 2nd day of dancing I will be folding Daniel’s junk, packing it, and starting to panic b/c I can’t find my (pick any that you wanna put your money on :laugh:)

  • cell charger
  • camera charger
  • laptop charger
  • iPod charger
  • yo’ mamma’s charger

This will be my “WHERE THE HECK IS MY _______ CHARGER” dance!


And last but not least!!!


AND, for the final day of dancing… with only ONE day to go this will be my FINAL dance!!! I’ll make Daniel wear the hat and everything (he’ll owe me for packing his junk)!!! :happy:


I can’t wait! EEEEK!


OK, that’s all the dancing and gloating I am allowed to do. :laugh: Please feel free to add your own celebratory dancing!


how exciting!!!:simba: :goofybounce: :cheshire:


Whew! You’re probably exhausted after all that!! :laugh:


I am so flippin’ jealous and I WISH I could be there with you :crying: Have a fantastic time!!


just a BIT!!! :tongue: But, as the old judge would say (is it Len Goodman?), in best English accent, “The quality of your dancing and your enthusiasm overcomes your lack of discipline. TEN!!!

That’s some dancin’, woman! I’m right there with you (at least in spirit… at my age, if I tried some of those moves, I’d break something for sure! Mine is more like a controlled “swaying”.) 9 more days! Now OFFICIALLY!:dry: