Guest Name Tags


2 years ago I bought guest name tags at Celebrity 5 and 10 at MGM.

I’m told the ONLY place to get them now is at the Christmas store in DTD.

Anybody bought a guest name tag recently?

(that’s me raising the flag over WR the morning of my 50th birthday)


I got one at the store right in front, they sell hats, and have an embroidering machine in the front of the store, in MGM.

It was just in April and I don’t recall seeing the Red one there I got the Gold Celebrtion one.

Good Luck.


If you want to get it before you leave for your trip - you can call Disney Parks Mail Order at 407-363-6200 - they can get you anything that is sold in the parks and send it to you. Of course, you have to pay for shipping, but this way you can start you vacation with your name tags and you won’t have to worry about going somewhere first to get them. :wink:


I called Parks Mail Order and she said since the badges are engraved they must (now) be bought in the park
-Disney Days of Christmas DTD
-Head to Toe MGM
-Some place I didn’t write down beside Tony’sTST on the right as you enter th MK.


Sorry to threadjack,but I just wanted to say way cool on raising the flag on your 50th birthday!!!


Can you get the blanks and have them engraved at a local shop? I wonder if that would be ewasier than trying to hunt them down once we get to the parks!


I’m semi-sure they’d sell you a blank unless they’re afraid you have something inappropriate engraved on it later.

As I remember, they also sell nametags with generic names like “Princess”

When I have done this in the past picking up the name tags was a “come back later” deal. The ‘trick’ is to stop by on your way IN then picking up later is easy.


What are the name tags for?? I hear everyone talking about them.The only reason i could see them being good for was incase your child got lost. Our kids are old enough to tell someone their names and ours but i guess a number on the back of them would be nice in case they forget it.


They’re just neat to HAVE! :mickey:

And, when we bought one for DS in May 2005 it was a “come back in a hour or so” thing. DH ordered it in the morning and we picked it up after lunch.


I believe you can still buy them in the jewelery emporium on Main Street in MK! That’s where I purchased ours last year! Engraving was free as well! :happy:


They’re called Guest of Honor badges and they sell them at three places: DTD in the Christmas store, MGM’s Celebrity 5&10 store, and the jewlery emporium on Main St in MK.

Just to reiterate what I’ve said before: the jewelry store will only engrave in one font. And it’s too small to be read on the new gold GoH badges. If you want a gold badge, go to MGM and ask them to engrave it in bold.


That is so cool. It adds to the magic by making you feel that you are part of the Disney Family. :cool:


In 2004 when DS#2 was born we got him one at MGM store you mentioned… that wasn’t so long ago… Each of my kids has their own namtag… on the back of each is a little label with our cell phone numbers and last name in case they get separated from us…