Guest of Honor Badges


Just an FYI for those of you who don’t know it:

If you are wanting to get Guest of Honor badges @ WDW rather than Gifts of a Lifetime, they are in the Christmas Shoppe @ Downtown Disney Marketplace. They used to have a rack of pre-done ones that you could buy but they no longer do that. They engrave your name when you buy them. When I was there in April they were located in the far back room on the wall just beside the engraving machine. Like always, they may have been moved. I hope this helps you. DC 4 Eva!


I just purchased mine from the internet, 8.95 per plus shipping. (no asssociation to me). It did take a while maybe 2 weeks to get them, so it wouldnt work if you’re in a hurry.


Yeah I think it was the same price at the store and of course it didn’t take 2 weeks. Besides it was fun to watch the machine engrave my name in it.


You can also purchase them online at Gifts of a Lifetime. Same price $8.95. I ordered them so we would have them to put on the moment we arrived.

Also, make sure when you put them on, put them on your left shoulder. My DH had his on his right and a CM called him aside and told him it should be on the left. He changed it and the CM congratulated him on becoming a GOH/CM. We had a lot of fun with the name tags!!


Are the Guest of Honor Badges just fun or do you get some sort of special treatment with them? I’ve only heard about them from you guys here at DC.


They are really just for fun. However, we bought them for my 2 sons to wear at WDW and had them sent by with a postcard from Mickey Mouse saying he was looking forward to their visit. You talking about getting them excited to go, this did it. (As if they needed any help.) While they were at WDW, several CMs called them by their names and said they must be special guests. which made them feel special and made the trip more enjoyable.


Thanks! I have 3 kids and I think they would like that.


Guest of Honor badges also are available at the three Disney outlet stores in the Orlando area. The outlet stores don’t have the machine to engrave the badges but they do carry a large supply of badges with the more-common names. The best thing about buying Guest of Honor badges at the outlet stores, though, is that they’re only $1.99.


They are a lot of fun. The CM’s sometimes make a point of saying “Good Morning…” or “Have a nice day…”. We were at Chef Mickey’s and one of the CM’s behind the buffet said to me “Kim, I didn’t know you worked here?” I looked at him funny and then remembered I was wearing the badge, dah. Our DS was chosen to learn how to lasso a rope with the expert at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. Boy was a proud cowpoke.

We also had quite a few people ask us where we got the badges from and we also got quite a few inquisitive stares while on line.


Don’t count on or expect to be recognized though. My DS wore his every day for 11 days, and only 2 CMs ever said hi to him by name. You just never know so don’t expect it, and consider it extra magic if it does happen. :slight_smile:


crystalrp is right. I’ve been with people who’ve worn Guest of Honor badges for days and never got a single greeting from any CMs.


we received special attention with ours! We had a cast member tell us to get back to work, and we weren’t off duty yet! We also had several other guests ask us questions like we were cast members (which was OK, we knew the answers! :slight_smile: ) Most of all, they were a LOT of fun, and I would recommend them to anyone!


We were there over the 4th of July holiday and my son had one and he had tons of CM’s calling him by name. Maybe they do it more with the kids. My son enjoyed it and now he’ll always have it for when we go back.



I never thought about wearing one myself… being an adult… technically. :wink:

Maybe I could order a whole set, one for each of us…

Man, this place has an unending pool of great ideas!!! :mickey:


my mother actually had a cast member almost ‘stalk her’ everytime she would go by a certain shop, this CM would grab her, and tell her that she needed to buy something from his shop. It got to the point of annoying to her, but to us, it was darn funny!

matt, my parents wore them, and LOVED it! We got attention as a family (and since my dad’s and brother’s names are Ed and Jed, they got a lot of comments)


When I was there in July I noticed that they made them at one of the shops along the main drag in Disney MGM Studios.


I got them all 7 of our group last time. We all wore them and we all got lots of attention. DS had a lot of his autographs personalized to him. Of course at the 50’s Prime Time we really got a lot of special attention with them. Well worth getting them. I got ours on our first day, went to the MGM 5 & 10 and picked them up, they were about $6 then.


The biggest benefit we saw, from the one Mickey sent my DD for her birthday was, when the characters autographed her book, out of the 14 or so autographs she got, only 3 didn’t personalize it, to Lexi. Very nice touch, I thought. Also, so many CM’s called her by name, when she was in the park, she really liked that.


She must have really enjoyed that!


I wanted to buy one with my name on it, but they didnt have it, so they sold me a “Frank” nametag at half price.