Guest of Honor Pins (Badges)


I’ve read the old threads on this question and don’t see anything newer than 2006.

Does anyone know if you can still purchase GOH Pins(Badges) on line?

If they do not sell them any longer on line, do they still sell them in the world?

I purchased them in 2005 on line and my DSS is going with us this year and I want to get one for him before we go.


As far as I know Disney no longer sells these. My son still wears his GoH badge from 2003, I’m just hoping it doesn’t get broken.


DT, I was hoping not to hear that answer. After reading all the threads, I have come to that conclusion.


I hated to post it, trust me. My son loves wearing his GoH badge and I hate worrying that it might get broken and we can’t replace it. CMs call him by name because of it, it just makes our trip and interaction with CMs all that better.


Yes I agree about worrying if it will get broken or lost. It is so much fun having the little added attention. Sometimes you forget you have it on and a CM or someone will say something and you look at them like they are nuts until a spark goes off in your head saying “Dah you are wearing a GOH pin!”

I will ask when we get down there and if we can’t find one for DSS, I will just put them aside and not where them.