Guide books


Are the “Disney Guided Books” worth the money or will I find just as much information on websites? If the books are what you think Which ones are the best?


Not sure exactly what you mean by “guided books” but, although you can get great info on websites, there are a couple of must have books. The Unofficial Guide to WDW is a great one. And the PassPorter WDW is another great one. They are worth the money! We take them with us and refer to them all the time while we’re there.


I guess it depends on you and your style. I used the Unofficial Guide for 2007but will try a different one for 2008. I love the UG - I was reading it again last night. It is full on information and feedback on every topic.

The websites are also very good, but not as organized. Use both - it is worth it if you are a plan-miester


BOTH - books and web!! and there is one for kids (by kids) - that is great if you have a young one who is reading - my DD loved having her own book to plan with!

the imagineers books are awesome - there is one for epcot, animal kingdom, MK and disneyland.


I like both. I enjoy reading all the information in a guide book but I also use the information on sites like this. I like the Pasporter and Unofficial Guide the best.


I like the PassPorter will be picking up the 2008 one for MissSMIG this weekend… I do search websites and keep notes in my PDA… easy access that way.


The only one I think is worth the money in that you can get a serious amount of inforation from, is the Unofficial Guide to WDW. The passporter is good enough, but I think that the unofficial is more info for a better price. The official guide to WDW is not worth the money in my opinion. Is a rose-colored look on WDW and not nearly as honest and rational as the unofficial. I have the 2008 version and would be happy to lend it to you if you want it.


I have never had one of the guide books. Instead, I fumbled around for our first few visits and then as experience, gained knowledge, and number of visits have increased over time, I’ve got a pretty good grasp of WDW. This probably wasn’t the way to do it, but what’s in the past is behind me…


I went ahead and to the advice of all of you and got Unofficial guide and also the Passporter got them both on amazon for 29.40 I THINK UNDER 30 for a fact.


I always like the Unofficial guide. It’s my fave.


I think the Unofficial Guide is the Unofficial Bible of Mousebuzz…:happy:

It’s a wonderful book - but get it and read it BEFORE your trip. Bring it along with you, but don’t carry it to the parks. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve seen with it at the parks - it’s too heavy, too hard to find what you’re looking for and who wants to lug it around. If you have kids, the Birnbaum’s Official WDW Guide for Kids is good and gives your kids a chance to decide what they really want to do.

If you want a personalized guide, check out Pixie Planners, run by our very own Dana - an excellent investment.


Is that a web site or a book?


Oops, sorry - a website: Pixie Planners - Disney Vacation Planning