Guide Books


Has anyone ever use the guide book"Guide to the Magic of Walt Disney World
or Guide to the Magic of Walt Disney World Journal" they looked pretty good on Amazon, Any input?

Guide to the Magic of Walt Disney World


Don’t know about these but the “Gold Standard” is the Unofficial Guide by Sehlinger. New editions come out in the Fall and it comes in several WDW versions.


I can’t say that I’ve heard of these particular guide books but the one that I always refer to when I’m in the book store is The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. It’s answered all of my questions to date.


Just the Unofficial Guide for us. That is a great book.


sorry, just Mousebuzz for me anymore. Last summer before we went I bought two different books and got more information here than in those books.

Now I have been looking for a hidden Mickey book to give me tips on that for this trip.