I’ve seen a lot of books available online with info and inside tips for WDW. I don’t want to go out and buy them all… so which ones are the best. I’m looking for a good general WDW book and a book for WDW with kids. TIA


I like the Unofficial Guide to WDW. It’s the best and has the most useful info.


I second (and third) Bella’s suggestion. Seriously- the Unofficial Guide is the best.


What Bella said. If you can hold on a couple of weeks, I am almost done with my 2009 Unofficial Guide. I would happily send it to you!


That would be great, let me know when you finish it.


It gets my vote also. The Birnbaum’s Official Guide is okay, but they print what Disney wants you to know. The Unofficial tells it the way it is.


That is so true! I’m always surprised that it’s not completely accurate since it’s the “official” guidebook!


Does the unofficial guide have info for going to WDW with young kids?


There is actually one that is specific to going to WDW with young kids!


Yes it does. It is a big fat book. I just got it the other day and of course there isn’t much different info than it had last time. So, it won’t take me but a few days to finish and then I’ll get it to you. PM me your name and address:happy:


I agree with everyone else - The Unofficial is the only way to go - it’ll give you ALL the information you could ever want or think of - BUT - it’s a big book and it’s heavy - you’ll want to read it before you leave. It’s not the kind of a book to lug around the parks.


My fav is The Complete Walt Disney World by Julie and Mike Neal

They visited Walt Disney World 700x in 5 years while writing the book!

We :heart: it! Plus it’s small enough to pack and carry!


We like the PassPorter for complete information. We don’t always agree with their reviews, but it has a ton of info.


Ditto, the UG is indispensable.


Thanks everybody.


The very best guidebook (I have read them all) for information is the Unofficial Guide to WDW. It is FILLED with awesome info. If you just want pretty pictures to get you pumped up about the trip, buy the offical guide.


The UG with Kids is also great if you are looking for specific tips for kids.


Thanks… I haven’t been to WDW since 2001 and I was only 17 then and did no planning. I am trying to make sure I cover all my bases, so I’m not wondering around aimlessly with a 4 year old. So thank you to everyone for answering all my questions.


I know exactly where you are coming from! Last time I was there I was 10 and all I cared about was getting on the rides! For this trip I got the passporter, Birnbaums, The Unofficial Guide and the Unofficial guide with Kids. The ones I have found the most useful are definitely the 2 Unofficial guides. And of course living on sites like this! (LOL!!) These guys have great info and ideas!


Yea, I’ve had all of my questions answered on this site. It is deffinitely easier than searching for hours on the net trying to find the info myself. The people here are great.