'Guinea Pig' written on DD's face?


Reading another post on waking Tinkerbell got me to thinking about how many times my kids have been selected as ‘audience participants.’ And DD and I were watching an OLD family WDW vacation video this morning and she mentioned it too.

When she was little (around ages 6 through 13 or so), she was on various trips selected to wake Tinkerbell, be in an amateur talent show with cast members while waiting for Typhoon Lagoon to open, be videotaped riding a runaway “bee” (with DS) during a tour at MGM and join in with Belle during a taping of a pilot episode of Belle’s Storytime (or something like that) at MGM. She was also picked from the audience to take part in a taping during a special-effects show at the Alfred Hitchcock attraction at Universal (we went there just once, I swear).

(ALSO: DS and I were each selected to try and pull the Sword from the Stone when he was about 9. I couldn’t do it - of course - but he did!)

Since she’s gotten older, DD has been picked (freshman year in college) to be in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and just this past spring, she and her college friends on spring break got picked to be in the “Harbor Attack” special effects scene on the MGM Backlot Tour - and got drenched!

Sorry to brag - didn’t mean it. Just never really occured to me till recently how odd it is that our clan has been selected to do so many different things. I may ask DD to go buy me some Lotto tickets this week!

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Kewl im so jealous…I want to be picked for the Indiana Jones Spec.


I have and my DD have never been picked for anything. I think it’s cool that your family has been picked so many times. ARe you a family of four…one boy and one girl? That seems to be the target to me. I have half considered bringing along some strange man and a son to get picked…I do hope you know that I am kidding…really kidding.


Well, we WERE a family of four back in the day. That’s why I sometimes put four “smiley mickeys” at the bottom of my posts. But DS is now 24 and got married a month ago. (So now, I guess we’re a “family of five,” counting my new DDIL - Darling Daughter In Law). Those two cute, smiling kids outside Cinderella’s Castle in my Avatar are DD and DS about 13 years ago. I can’t bear to remove the pic…

I’ll let you know if we get picked for anything when we go to WDW this December!

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awesome… I was hardly ever selected for anything as a kid. Well, that’s a lie… I would be asked to participate, but I was such a shy little girl. I really hated attention. When I was around 9 or 10, I finally decided that I could help the lions roar at Festival of the Lion King, but ask me to circle that float with an instrument… no way!!! haha… I was so weird. I suppose I still am.