Gummy Goofys or whatever they're called


Does anyone know where you can buy them on the net? My DD is on her last bag and won’t open it until we find a source.

Need a fix … Thanks


Did you try calling Goofy’s Candy Company and see if they’ll mail order some for you? I was going to suggest, but they have no candy.


If all else fails, let me know and we can work something out. I could pop over to DTD, pick some up and mail them to you. Just let me know


Thanks, Sadanv1 I may take you up on that one!


Haha! Your DD sounds like me…except my addiction is the Goofy licorice wheels. :huh: I don’t know WHY I like them so much - they’re super chewy and practically tasteless LOL! - but I guess they’re just fun to eat! :happy:


I think they have them at World of Disney, near my DH’s office in NYC. If you end up in a real bind, I would be happy to go and grab some for you!


where in NYC is the world of disney? i am assuming time square somewhere. do the sell the normal disney store stuff, or is it more like the world of disney in DTD?


It is at Times Square and it sells the kind of merchandise that WOD sells at DTD, AFAIK


No, not at Times Square… but pretty close! Within walking distance anyway!

It is at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, right across from the St. Regis Hotel and a tres chic boutique called Henri Bendel. It’s sort of halfway between Rockefeller Plaza and Central Park…

They sell lots of Disney park stuff, plus DTD stuff too. Like Disney home products (waffle makers, cocoa mix…), plus zillions of pins, clothes, toys, movies, costumes, jewelry… and they also have Disney stuff just related to New York City…

It is like a very tiny, miniature, enough-to-see-you-thorugh-the-day vacation!:laugh:


chris, i see you are from Elmwood Park… you need a road trip to WoD right away!!!


i work on 45th street in NYC. i am going to go there after work today…


Problem solved. Merchandise Guest Services (407-363-6200) found them (Gummy Mickeys) and I have ordered plenty to last. (SKU#136120014)

Thanks for the offers and the tour of New York!