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Well here’s my small version and I’m sure you all get the idea by now… LOL

The setting was Disney’s Boardwalk (Not Epcot Boardwalk) at Spoodles Resturant. February 11th 2006…

I headed over to Orlando around 1130am and made it to WDW property around 420pm with a couple stops on the way and Erin was going to call me so we could meet up before dinner, well she did call and I was on the phone she left a message to call her but didn’t leave her number to call back. Well around 420 i’m driving thru disney property looking for Epcot Boardwalk, well yeah there wasn’t a Epcot Boardwalk, so I drove in circles for a while and panicking that I’m not going to make it there on time. I approached the Epcot parking lot and asked the CM where the Epcot boardwalk was, he gave me directions and I head off… Well I get there and see Disney Boardwalk and kept going looking for the Epcot B… Well 20 minutes later I miracously arrive back at the Epcot parking lot and well the same CM was there, we go over directions again and what do you know. I’m right back at the Disney boardwalk so I take a stab and pull in… Finally I arrived. I walk thru this beautiful hotel lobby and down the boardwalk and found Spoodles.

I walk in and the lobby area was packed feeling a little akward not really knowing anyone I saw Cavey talking to someone and I recognized EJ and Doughnut. EJ is beautiful!!! well me still standing in the back of the crowd kinda to myself, Donught starts talking to me and making me feel warm and at home. We finally get to our table towards the back of the resturant like our own room. We all gathered around a large table, everyone was so nice. and who walks in LATE… lol of course my princess with her beautiful children. Erin is a hottie and such a smile :wub: and then Ginger walks in, she like everyone else is so nice and welcoming. We all ate dinner and chatted pictures being taken by those who brought their camera’s (not Erin) lol After dinner such a great surprise we get a wonderful cake, me thinking it’s someone’s birthday, but nope Miss Disney had it sent to us with a wonderful card. She was so sweet and thoughtful to do that. After cake and coffee we divy up the bills and the group walks out side for a group photo in front of the resturant. I could’nt ask for a better group of friends. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I hope we can do this again. I do have some pics but I will have to try and figure out how to post them later.


I still get turned around at disney and I have been an AP’er since 1999!!!


Very cute!

We so have to do this again… someone needs to start planning…


No, now! :wink: :tongue: :wink: hehe!


sounds great - thats wonderful how welcoming and friendly everyone was! No akwardness…

get those pics up, I neeeeeeed more! :tongue:

We will FOR SURE plan another one of these (but not untill I’m there) hee hee
Can’t wait to meet you and all the other DCers one day!


Awwwwww!! Guru!! I hated leaving you! I didn’t get to talk to you enough!


KIP - we will be in Disney second week in May - you come meet me and hubby and my little guy - I will be wearing the 10 pair of flip flops I bought from today because of you! :laugh: Sorry to hijack - Guru - Love your little TR - you are a sweetie!


Alot of people will be here in May…we should do it…Roxie, when are your exact plans?


ROFL! We’ll have to coordinate our flip flops - since I have nearly every color! :tongue:

Seriously… are a lot of people going in May? We need to check Bella’s thread to find a potential date.


HAHAHA!!! sorry for further threadjacking but I also have EVERY colour of the Old Navy Flip Flops!!! LOL!
I’m packing all my shoes tonight and I’m not bringing ANY of my ONFFs I’m planning on buying tons of them in FL…

no pictures in the TR yet I see…:sad:


June - let’s do it in June.


Haaaaa wow you all sure took my thread and on flip flops too… Geesh… LOL I’ll wear mine too… J/K!!

I will try and post pics today, i’ll be like Erin and keep you in suspense til then. Haaaa


Guru is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!


Yes! He IS VERY CUTE! :wub:


Yeah maybe June…???


Erin/Donut you need to stop that… Haaaaaaa


We only speak the truth!! :wink:


I enjoyed reading the report…but I’m still waiting on pics… :wink:


Guru is hot, that’s all I can tell ya!


Guru is hot, that’s all I can tell ya!