Ha ha LOL a funny video


I was looking through a video website and found this video !!
And thought you might like it !
Eeyore dancing !!


Thanks Pluto that’s adorable. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Eeyore move that much. Too cute.


That’s cute, I guess it was a slow day for him.


Hahahaha! Too funny!


I didn’t know Eeyore liked the Milkshake song…LOLOLOL That was hysterical!


Eeyore is so cute!!! Great vid. Thanks Pluto, I needed something to make me smile.


Too funny, that CM must be a real ham!!


I think that is a “Tigger” helper in a Eeyore suit. :laugh:


Very cool. :cool: Thanks for the link. :flowers:
Did ya’ll watch the Splash Mountain video? I love that ride! :wub:


That was cool!!! Kinda made me feel like I was on the ride for a second… :cool:


Thanks - that was cute!