"Hacking" the Buzz Lightyear ride in DL & WDW to increase your score


I just randomly came upon this article & thought it was pretty interesting. I must be fairly oblivious b/c I never noticed that there were different shaped targets. Anyway, the fun for me is just shootin’ lasers wherever my gun points itself but for the competitive folk this might be some good info!

Hacking Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Ride


Thanks for posting…now I will finally beat my DH :laugh:


My family is all about the score on Buzz. We know all the good targets and aim for those. If you have read any of my trip report you know we do Buzz at least 5 times a day every day we’re in MK so over time we found the high scoring targets. It would have been easier if they were like the targets at DL and looked different.

My DH is a bit better than me but I have made Nate his Buzz partner so I don’t have to share my car with anyone and can score higher. I feel like such a bad mom…


I am not so good at Buzz either. My DH and kids score like a quadrillion points and I get like… seven!!:laugh:


why couldnt i have read this before yesterday lol I was so pitiful on it yesterday my husband beat me big time


I thought that they were all just "Z"s?


I guess DL’s Buzz has different targets than WDW.


That must be it! I was really wondering how I could have missed triangles, circles, squares,etc :laugh:


are they different? anyone notice DW’s? oh, I would love to beat DH too. I’m NOT sharing this info with him!


I have never seen any targets that aren’t circles at WDW.

Here are my WDW Buzz tips:

If you want a high score try to hit the targets on the robot’s hands in the first room, once you go by him turn around and go for the target you see from that side. It’s on the back of his ‘hand’, it looks like a saw. You also want the hit the tiny target at the bottom of the huge Zurg but you have to hit it before you get close to him because it’s really low, If you miss it going in keep trying because you can also hit it going out of the room. Both of those targets are worth 100,000 points.

There’s a target on top of the volcano on the far side of the second (I may be wrong on that) room, it’s worth 50,000 points. I also like the target on the lid of the jack-in-the-box, it’s another big target. I think the 9 volt battery is worth the most of all the batteries.

It took me a lot of trips through to find all of thses but they are worth a lot of points.


I also read this great tip of never taking your finger off the trigger . . . just hold it down and aim . . . my Dad and I tested it and it WORKED!! Also, my finger didn’t hurt as much when we got off!! :laugh: :laugh:


Gee, I just shoot my friends in the car in front of me. :fork_off:

KingofMiami has a bald spot on the back of his head now I’m SURE from M&G in December! :biggrin:


That was always my strategy as well. :laugh:
But I will have to make a note of these other hints next time I go.


The last 2 times we rode we got stuck in the robot room. I just sat there and shot his hand over and over. I got to 999,999 in no time.

Thanks for the link, that is interesting.


We love getting stopped for that very reason.


I was once told that the guns come out of the holdster and you can rack up a lot of points by aiming it better that way. I found out they are mounted to the ride and do not come out. I still averag about 350,000 point though!


At DL they come unattached, not at WDW. When they did the ride refurb a while back I was hoping that they were going to change this, but they didn’t.


My DH always tells me to shot the big robots inside hand, I never seem to hit it, but he does, everytime. My son has hit it a few times also.


I am so going to smoke DH at Buzz next time with this knowledge :ph34r:


LOL. Buzz Lightyear is the best interactive game since Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. :wub:

Of course, once one becomes a Galactic Hero, we sort of retire… :happy:

Seriously, I am so happy Disneyland gave us the freedom of the hand held ray gun as opposed to the WDW strapped to the cart thingy…