Had a Bad experience at the Wilderness Lodge ....has anybody else?


Have been a member for a while but this is the first time I am posting. I want to know if anybody else has had a bad experience at the Wilderness Lodge? I booked a weekend trip to the Wilderness Lodge Concierge Level as a surprise for the family before our DVC Boardwalk vacation. Boy were we disappointed, we checked out the same day as we checked in. Management seemed unable or unwilling to address the situation. As of today I still have not recieved my refund. Looking to see if anybody knows what I should do next. Will gladly explain the situation if people want to hear about it.


What happened? We’ve only stayed there once and had a brief problem at check-in but it was remedied fast.


Yes, I would love to know what happened. I want to stay there some day.


We’ve stayed at WL several times and always had a lovely experience and more than helpful CMs. I would love to hear about your very short stay and I hope you get it taken care of soon. How long has it been since you’ve been home?


I am interested in knowing about this. It is so rare that someone has a major problem and Disney doesn’t go over the top to make good on the situation.


I’ve stayed at WL several times and never had a problem. I didn’t book the concierge level though.


We arrived at the Wilderness Lodge at 9:00 Am 8/15 the Concierge manager met us outside and took us up to the 7th floor bell services took our luggage. We checked in and decided to go to the pool, this was supposed to be the relaxing part of the vacation. We swam, had lunch and enjoyed the resort. At 3:00 I went back upstairs to find out were our room was, it was not ready. At 3:30 our room was finally ready, they give us our room number, room 1169. Now this worried me because I thought that the Concierge floor was the 7th floor. Well I try to roll with it and we head to our room, we walked, and walked and took a second elevator down to our floor and walked again. We were at the very end of the resort on the first floor. We entered the room and it was sooooo dark because half our view was a stone wall. Know if I had not paid for Concierge and the room was less expensive this might not have bothered me but I did not pay to be in a cave. So I go back up to Concierge, did I mention it is on the 7th floor, and I complain. After speaking to 5 people and 5 phone calls (to five different people) they say there are NO other rooms available anywhere on property. Did I mention they misplaced our luggage as well. So after several hours of nothing being accomplished we decided to leave, we went upstairs again and they let us check out said they would return our money (which has not happened yet). What I don’t understand is how they feel this room is a Concierge room and why they thought I would pay for it? All the people we spoke to thought that the room was fine. Maybe I am crazy?


That seems odd to me. I figured you would be on the same level as concierge.

And a room not being ready by 3:00pm is not terribly unusual. We usually are in DTD the whole first day so we don’t know any different until we get back later that night. When DH and I went for our honeymoon, our room was not ready until about 4pm, but it wasn’t a big deal to us. We galavanted off to shops and such.


I am sorry you had a bad experience and no one has offered to do anything. That sounds so unlike disney.

As for the room, I am sure every resort has a room that is just not quite up to snuff. However, in general, I think the concierge rooms are the same as the other rooms in the resort. It is the aminities like snacks, drinks, reservations, etc… that are what you pay for. So far it does not sound like you got what you expected. Did they offer you anything?


Will DH admit to “Galavanting?” Sorry, had to pick. Great use of a fun word!


The 3:30 check in was a little out of the ordinary for us but the room not being on the 7th floor was strange, we booked a suite and they tried to tell us they only had so many and this was they only one they had. I really wish the reservationist would have explained that the suites were located at the end the resort on all the floors. I had never booked Con. before and I guess we thought all Con. rooms, suites included were on the 7th floor. What I am having trouble with is that they could not do anything for us. We travel to Disney 2 or 3 times a year and have never been this upset.


I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience-especially since you booked concierge.

We stayed AK concierge a few weeks ago and it was amazing. We were not on the same floor as the lounge but we knew that going there. They should have explained to you when you made the reservation that your room will be a far walk to the lounge and you may get a less desirable view.

I am sure they will refund your $$$ soon- I hope. Where did you find a room that night?


What did you do instead of staying at the WL?


We had hoped they could have done something with the room, but after several hours and no response we checked out. They said I would get a full refund, but as of today I have not been credited. Again everyone we spoke to did not think the room was a problem. The suites above ours had beautiful views, balconies with sliding glass doors for both the living room and the bedroom. We could barely sit outside because the stone wall was there and you could only see part of the beach from the room because the stone wall was there. There were several problems with this particular room, the biggest problem was that I felt like I was in a cave because it was so dark, because of the over handg and the stone wall. It was a bright day (prior to Fay rolling in) and you would never have known it in that room. We were just very upset and very disappointed. It was not a good start to the vacation.


I’m sorry the room wasn’t what you had expected. It’s one of those personal things, that room could have been perfect to another guest but it wasn’t what you had expected. Had they not been booked solid I’m sure they would have worked with you but their hands were tied if there wasn’t another room to offer you.

The CM that helped you book the room may not even know where the suites are, they don’t have maps of the resorts with room numbers/types so even if you had asked they might not have known unless they had stayed there in the past.

I hope you get your refund.


I am sorry that you were disappointed and that they weren’t able to move you to a different room. With regard to the refund…unfortunately refunds can take a bit longer to process than payments.


hmmm…did they not offer you another room that wasn’t concierge level?? one with a view at least?? i find it hard to believe there were no rooms of any kind on property…but maybe they were that busy??

would you have taken that offer and a refund of the diff. in cost? or were you just so outdone with it all, you felt it was just best to get out all together??

so where did you end up staying?

how was the rest of the trip?

~~ hope you get your refund.


We have only stayed in a concierge-level room once, on our 10th anniversary at the Southampton Princess in Bermuda. The rooms were all on the top floor of the building, with a lobby and bar/cafe exclusively for us by the people on that floor. They had a staff person at the elevators to make sure only concierge-level guests were even up there.

I am surprised by this WL information. I though concierge always involved a better room, on the top floor of a resort. I had no idea it was just access to some snacks and stuff.

Am I crazy, or doesn’t BW have super-appointed rooms on the top floor that are exclusively for concierge guests?


I am so sorry to hear about your experience- I must say that I agree with you 100%- I would have been unhappy with a first floor room at the price for concierge.

When I booked concierge at AKL, I was told that I could be a floor below the concierge level with the snacks, drinks, etc. I had no idea that WL had concierge level rooms on the first floor. I think many of us would have been frustrated enough to check out after there was nothing being done to remedy the situation. You seem to be very calm about this, by the way!

For the record, I love WL- it is my second favorite resort after Beach Club.


Sometimes I wonder if Disney forget that one wonderful experience can yeild a lifetime of profit for them.

If anyone has ever read Randy Pausch’s (I think I am spelling his last name correct) book, he says how when he was a kid his family went to Disneyland and he and sister went off by themselves to buy their parents something special. They found a salt and pepper shaker that they like. But of course, in little kid fashion, they dropped and broke the items immediately leaving the store. When the went back into the store the items were replaced and the salesperson said they were sorry for not wrapping it better. He questions if Disney would still do this or are the caught up in the bottom line. He also says that his parents were so impressed that they returned yearly and brought many family and friends with them. The $10 mishap (or cost to Disney) ended up yeilding them hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

I think Disney should read this book. If they would have fixed this in a positive way you would be raving about them to everyone and anyone who would listen. Even if they were all booked up they could have offered you a free meal - lets say at the Yatchsman. (I hear it is excellent)