Had fun helping


I was at my son’s wrestling tournament Tuesday and the couple behind me were discussing their upcoming vacation and yes, they were going to WDW. I turned around and asked a few questions and before I knew it they were peppering me with questions and recommendations about where to eat, what to do, hints and tips. It was fun helping them and the wife even wrote down alot of what I helped them with. It made the waiting for my son to wrestle go by alot quicker too.


Haha, my ears always perk up when I hear “Disney,” too! :laugh:

That’s cool that you could help!


I’ve done that too! My most weird place was in recovery after my c-section with DS. My nurse began talking about her vacation to Disney and I of course piped in and before 5 minutes she had a pen and pad in hand. The doctors and other nurses were laughing because here I was waiting on my spinal to wear off and I was talking Disney. Helped me not concentrate on the pain and the time to pass by faster.


My husband laughs at me because I do the same thing. There is another family at my daughter’s dance studio that loves it too and we enjoy sharing stories…helps pass the time!

What is fun is that they are dancin there in Oct so I get to infect the rest of them! HAHA!!


We were standing in line for an Ipad 2 and the lady and her daughter were talking to my DW about Disney because my DW had her Disney Dooney & Bourke purse.So I mention Mousebuzz and she never heard of it.She tells me she is on Dis Boards.I told her she should check it out.I hope she does because there are so many nice people on this site.:heart:


OH I’m the same way!! As soon as I hear the “D” word I’m all ears!:laugh: My friend that is traveling with me next week said to me…“I gave your name and number to someone so you can help her plan her vacation, is that ok?” I said are you kidding? It’s fine. Just warn them that once I start talking Disney I get really excited and it won’t be a quick conversation!:blush:


I feel really bad for this girl that works with us. She was in the Disney college program and works part time at the Disney store! During the time down there she was a “character helper” for a few years as well! Anyhoooo…I pick her brain ALLLL the time…but she loves it. Our other coworkers think we’re nuts!

I feel so at home here…thanks all!


I havent been to Disney since premarriage, but I love sharing memories and WDW runs in the family my Dad helped build Epcot,:pirate: a few of the original rides as well as the big golf ball as I like to call it lol.


My ears perk up when i hear disney too!!! Its my happy place and I love to help other people go there!


Can I say Ditto!


I love talking Disney with anyone…it’s like an instant bond and it just seems to click. Mousebuzzers are so nice!!!