Had to change my dining plans


My sister & her family were supposed to go to Disney World with us in Dec. they decided to cancel, and now I have dining reservations for 7. I called Disney because I was concerned, and the CM told me if I did not cancel them all and rebook for the right amount of people, I would be punished by putting my name @ the bottom of the list when we checked in to eat. Has anyone not cancelled before and just went with who they had left in your party? I feel this procedure is kind of unfair, I don’t understand why they can’t just down grade my numbers for the same time.


We have changed our party size at check in and NEVER had an issue. You will not be punished and put at the bottom of the list. Leave things as they are and just tell the CM at the restaurant that your party size changed, they will understand.

That isn’t the rule and the CM is incorrect. Relax and enjoy your trip with no worries.


Since it’s in Dec, why can you not keep the reservations and simply give them the new party size? I wouldn’t think it would be an issue? Am I missing something?

As for that CM, he doesn’t sound very “Disney” to me, if you got his name, I would call again and ask to speak to a supervisor about it and let them know what this CM said to you, that’s ridiculous! That is why we spend the big $$ at WDW, for the consistant friendliness and helpful attitude, IMHO.


That is ridicuous…disney does no such thing. I would leave them as is and just go. When you check in tell them some of your party couldn’t make it.


Go outside the restaurants and bring in some people waiting on stand-by to be part of your group. :tongue:


whatever you do, do not call and change your ressies. keep them as is and adjust it when you arrive to check in. this has happened to us many times and each time we were accomodated promptly!!


As long as none of your reservations required a credit card hold (some princess meals, Fantamic dining package, and holiday meals like Candelite Processional) you’ll be fine leaving them as is.


This is a great idea! And you can count this toward your random act of kindness (on another thread) :laugh:


Thank you everyone, you made me feel better about just leaving my dining as planned. I like the grab a stranger idea! We have pulled people aside when we had left over cs credits @ the resorts and bought their food.


:ohmy: wow, I’ve called and changed my party size . . . why would they not let you do it? That makes no sense at all . . . people change plans all the time! And then people like me call everyday to see if there is an opening! :laugh::laugh:


We too have added or deleted someone at check in many times without a problem.


Holey-moley - who is Disney hiring these days? This is about the 5th thread with snarky CMs…with incorrect information. “Be punished!” Why would anyone ever say such a thing!?


I know right? I can’t even imagine dealing with such a CM. I called there last night to try and squeeze in a last minute ADR or two and thought about this situtation while I was dealing with this super CM…I made sure to answer the survey at the end of the call to give her a great rating…you should have most definately did that survey and gave that horrible CM a bad one.