Had to shorten trip


Im so bummed out we had to decrease our trip by three nights we are now only going for six nights I know six is better then nothing. My daughter needed money for the down payment of the dorm. we thought she had paid it . she needed it now so we had to use some of the money we put away for our trip. as parents we know this is more important. But we are still so upset. so we are now going from september 9th to the 15 instead of the 18th. this also means we have to cancel the HDDR as we have no space to fit it in. we were so looking forward to that. I spoke with our travel agent to try and add room only if we can swing it but she isnt sure it will be available. just needed to vent. :mad: :crying: :crying:


Look on the bright side, you still get to go. But, I am sorry you had to shorten your trip-try to make the best of the days you have.:heart:


That is a bummer. I am sorry you had to shorten your trip. You have to do, what you have to do. You will still have a fantastic time!


Bummer. Still, you will have a good time I’m sure. Some Disney is better that NO Disney!

Guess you will have to make your trip longer next time, right!:wink: :happy:


That’s a bummer, alright. But like the others have said, at least you get to go. 6 days is more than some people can do.


well, think of her college and the $ you are paying as an investment - in a few years she’ll graduate and make boatloads of money, so she can take (and pay) you all to the world for longer than even 9 days!

sorry you had to shorten the trip though!


LOL Im trying to think about that I will be happy if she just pays off all of the loans we have for her. she is going for her PHD in pharmacy so she will be making as much if not more in her first year then IM making after 30 years as a nurse. I know we are lucky to be going at all but we so were looking forward to having 10 days just the two of us. the next trip My DH wants to go to IReland the real one not the one in disney. Id be jsut as happy with a longer trip to disney Im over my pout now blush: just needed a realty check. thanks bunches for listening.