"Hair by Disney" anyone?


I think quite a bit about what goes on behind the scenes at Disney. This, however, never entered my mind. Which one of you has thought about Disney’s cosmetology department?

Every Role a Starring Role - Disneyland Resort Cosmetologist - YouTube


cool link and video. Saw this on Disney Blog! Thanks for posting it here for others to see. I love the seeing what goes on behind the scenes to make our magic happen!


I have to admit I just enjoy the magic, I never once considered the woqrk behind the magic. This was a great share, thanks Dopey!


I love to see behind the magic! Thanks for posting!


Love the video, very interesting…but shouldn’t she do something with her own hair? Needs a good couple of inches lopping off those wispy ends! ( that’s the cosmetologist in me lol)


You are right, dixie dear. I was thinking the very same thing. Maybe you should go over there and run the joint. Wouldn’t this be something for you and Paul?


Lol great minds think alike! Wouldn’t that be fabulous, maybe 30 years ago but we’re almost ready to hang up those scissors:laugh:


Great video! I love all the behind the scenes stuff like that, the amount of effort that goes into every last detail, no strand left uncurled!


Like we always say, we love Disney for it’s attention to detail. Phenomenal