Haircut at Magic Kingdom?


has anyone here ever got thair hair cut at the magic kingdom or the yacht and beach club? i almost did it just to say i did when i was in the center of mainstreet, about halfway down the street in the alley way… but had second thoughts when they moved it over by the firehouse… just curious!


I know there is a salon at the Beach Club!!!


I was wondering about the Barber Shop on Main Street also!!! My 9 year old son is in desperate need of a haircut. I was debating on getting it cut at home before we leave or in WDW?!?!?!?!


here are some places to get more info. about the barber shop on Main St.

LOTS of pix. on this one!!

Harmony Barber Shop – Magic Kingdom


We go there for the pixie dust! $6 and you get a ponytail, hair gel and LOTS of pixie dust! My DDs love it. There are always people in there getting their haircut. I’ve seen lots of “Babies First” haircuts, they even have stickers for it.

PS. I think DT’s husband and son have gotten their hair cut there before?


[QUOTE=chottsy;1042394]here are some places to get more info. about the barber shop on Main St.

LOTS of pix. on this one!!

Harmony Barber Shop – Magic Kingdom[/QUOTE]

Your post has the hours & prices:
Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. No appointments – walk-ins only.

Cost for a haircut is $17 for adults and $14 for children 12 and under. Colored hair gel, $5. Beard and mustache trims are $10.

Other spots for a haircut around Walt Disney World (these places take appointments):

–Contemporary Resort: American Beauty Shoppe and Captain’s Chair, 407-824-3411
–Coronado Springs Resort: Casa de Belleza (House of Beauty), 407-939-3965
–Grand Floridian Resort & Spa: Ivy Trellis, 407-824-2581
–Yacht and Beach Club: Periwig’s, 407-934-3260


A story posted today (7/30) on another Disney fan site has conflicting info. According to the Daily Disney blog, reservations are recommended and can be booked up to 180 days in advance. Click the link for the full story.


Park Hopper–is that really you? Welcome back, it’s good to see you again.


My son and husband always get hair cuts in the barber shop, it’s just something we’ve always done. We like to get Michal but this year he wasn’t working when we were there so we had a different barber and my DH said he was super nice and full of information and interesting facts.


I thought I remembered it being a tradition for your family!


This is from the Disneyparksblog

I remember chewing the fat between snips at my favorite Miami barber shop – it was an early introduction to the art of great conversation and storytelling. That same chair-to-chair banter happens daily at the Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom Park. And today, one of the barbers has a few stories to share, including how Walt Disney’s fondness of a Missouri barbershop led to the creation of the building. Rediscover the barber shop in this video created especially for The Disney Parks Blog.

The Harmony Barber shop welcomes about 400 Walt Disney World Resort guests a week and is located just past City Hall on the corner of Main Street, U.S.A. It is open to walk-ins daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Prices range from $15-19.

Oh, and “First Haircuts” is the establishment’s specialty. Children who receive their first haircut are treated to surprises, including bubbles, Mickey Mouse stickers, an extra-special “My 1st Haircut” set of Mouse Ears, special “pixie dust” and a certificate. Haircuts for children age 12 and under are priced at just $14.

Do you have a haircut experience to share? Please let us know about it in the comments.


My son had his first haircut there (at age 4…) Michel was his barber and it was quite a memorable experience. At the time, they only took cash. He got Mickey ears that said “First Hair Cut”. Back then, the waits could be long. Interesting to hear that they now take reservations…


When we were there the other day getting hair cuts someone called the shop directly to make a reservation and ask some questions. The woman barber who was working at the time really didn’t know much about reservations since you don’t make them directly with the shop and it’s really new. I wish they hadn’t started taking reservations, I always worry a good thing is going to be ruined. We’ve never had to wait long to get in, maybe two people at the most. They other day we walked on and there was an empty chair waiting for my son.


Yep, it’s one of our favorite things to do on our first MK day.


All 4 of my dk’s have had haircuts there and still talk about it to this day. It does take away something now that they are taking reservations now I think.


I got a haircut there a few years ago – great job and the barber, I found out, was originally from my home area!


I did this last year, and DW got “dusted”…considering a repeat in November…really enjoyed it.


can they do fades NYC style?


Yes, I got a haircut at the barber in MK. They clown around with humorous tools et al, and then I got caught in between two barbers holding a water squirt bottle war! I walked out soaked and was very comfortable in the FL August heat.


sounds refreshing! is the pixie dust stuck on you all day after?