Hairdryers in the rooms? at PC


I was just at Pop Century last June but can’t recall if the rooms have hairdryers?

Anyone know? :wub:



I just called and they said you can request a hairdryer…

hmm…I’ll probably go ahead and bring one to make sure.


Good idea. I always pack my own hair dryer even if I know there will be one in the room, my hair is just happier that way.


I remember requesting one several years ago, along with a lot of extra hangers, they really don’t give you a lot of those!


You can request a hairdryer at PC??? At no cost? Wish I had known that last year. I’m sure I would have found something else to pack in its place . . . :dry:


I have never stayed at PC but I requested one at ASM’s and when we got to the room there was one there, so we ended up with two! :mickey: