Hall of Presidents rehab details


[B]The Hall of Presidents is officially set to reopen on July 4th.[/B] A few details have emerged about the renovations that have taken place since the attraction closed November 1st. The sign out front of the theater has been replaced by a marqee and new wording has been added to an interior wall. It now reads “Welcome to the Hall of Presidents, a Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders.”

A new display area has been added to the front room, showcasing dresses from three first ladies: Elizabeth Monroe, Edith Roosevelt, and Nancy Reagan. The dresses of Monroe and Roosevelt are reproductions, but Reagan personally chose six dresses of her own for Disney to display. Her dresses will rotate every six months.

Changes have been made to the show itself as well. The film has been made shorter and is now narrated by Morgan Freeman. The story of the attraction has been changed to reflect more about the history of the presidency and the presidents themselves, rather than the history of the United States. The Animatronic section has been lengthened and President Obama has been added. He will recite the oath of office and an additional speech. Eric Jacobson(senior vice president at Walt Disney Imagineering) says of the new figure, “He has more facial expression than we’ve ever done before. He’s our most advanced figure we’ve done, but he’s not a completely new generation with everything starting over. The challenge is that everyone sees him every day on television. Everyone’s an expert on Obama.” Obama isn’t the only president with a speaking role- George Washington now stands and speaks for the first time, with a quote on how he felt when he was sworn in.

The Hall of Presidents will open to the public on the 4th of July, but annual passholders will be able to get a sneak peek on Sunday June 28th from 11 am-9 pm.

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Morgan Freeman, he is a great choice for narrator, I love his voice.


Cool. I know it’s not exactly a thrilling attraction, but for some reason I love it! Morgan Freeman does sound like a great choice for narrator.


I’ll never have to worry about entering the Hall of Presidents again.


I’m happy it’s opening again, I’m sure we’ll stop and check out the changes.


It has been YEARS since we have seen this. It is one of the attractions to which I look forward.

Oh, and look - I’ll be there in about 120 days. How about them apples?


:laugh::laugh: So true, that is what my girls said! (9 & 5) BUT, I told them your going to “Do it for Mommy!” and they agreed! Then DD9 said, “It will be funny to see the president as a robot!” :laugh::laugh:


Yay!!! I can’t wait to see this again. It was closed the last time we were there in late November. This is always a must, I know it’s not very exciting to most, when we go.


I am looking forward to seeing all the new changes on our next trip.


Looking forward to this. I am always a bit tense about changing a classic but we’ll see!:huh:


We’ll be there that day! Exciting!! :happy:
I have a season pass but my brother does not. I thought I remembered something about being able to bring a guest to passholder previews? Anyone know if this is true?


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;971307]We’ll be there that day! Exciting!! :happy:
I have a season pass but my brother does not. I thought I remembered something about being able to bring a guest to passholder previews? Anyone know if this is true?[/QUOTE]

Depends on the CM you get.

At the Toy Story Mania Preview, I had a friend with me and I said “I thought I was allowed one guest?” and the CM said, “Being that this is extremely popular we are not honoring that today!”

I did this :frown: (insert pouty lip here)
and she did
“OH OK, just don’t tell anyone!” :laugh::laugh:

SO . . . long story short . . . give it a go ya never know! :happy:


I agree with you! But we’ll try it out anyway in just 66 days!


Can’t wait to see it - its one of my favorites, hoping I like the change.


I know a lot of people find HOP boring, but I always feel good when I come out of there. I’m really looking forward to the changes.:wub:


Phil, are you originally from Wisconsin or do you just have the good sense to be a Packer fan? :wub: :smile:


Thanks for the info! We may not try it then… my brother really wanted to see Illuminations and I think he’d be bummed if I dragged him away from that to see HOP, only to be told he couldn’t get in. :crying:


I still have never experienced this attraction! :eek: Based on the fact that I LOVE history and usually adore the attractions that other people find boring, that’s kind of a shame. I will have to make it a priority the next time I am there - I think the display of first ladies’ dresses is such a cool idea!! I’m a total nerd about that kind of thing.


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