Hallmark's Cinerellas castle


[COLOR=“Blue”]Has anyone seen this Ornament. We got it 2 weeks ago. You push a button and it plays “When you wish upon a star” and you see fireworks going off in the background. I think its Disney Magic , because we booked a trip last week. :goofybounce: Its has to be Magic because we were not planning on going back for 2 more year! Now we are going in a few months . I like Magic.:mickey:[/COLOR]


I haven’t seen this ornament, but I think I might have to take a trip to the Hallmark Store.


Oh my!!! I don’t have room for more ornaments but I think I’ll have to get this for my DD before they are all gone!

Yes I like Magic too!!!


I. Want. That.


DH bought it for me for our anniversary… Love it!


It plays a portion of “When You Wish Upon A Star”
Of course I’ve got one.


Oooooo I want one!!!


Follow this link to a picture of the actual ornament showing the fireworks as it sits next to the box.
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