Halloween and Christmas?


Hi all. Just curious, we are planning a trip for the end of Oct begining of Nov 2009. We haven’t set a final number of days but we are thinking somewhere between 12 and 14. Is there any way that you can do both MNSHP and MVMCP in that time period? I know this year we could have. But just wondering if that is a common theme. Also does anyone know the the dates for the 2 parties are anniunced? Thank you for any help


Nope. Halloween ends at the beginning of November and Christmas starts late November. You’d need more than 2 weeks to see them both, as does Disney to make the change.


In theory you might could see both. The last Halloween this year was of course Oct. 31 and the first Christmas party this year was Nov. 10. There was also one on the 11th. They even lit the castle on the 9th. I guess it depends what day they post the first party for next year. But yes it is possible.


Wow. I had no idea they started so early this year. Thanks for the clarification RR.


WOW! That would be amazing. I didnt think it was possible either! Now if they would just have a few Pirate and Princess Parties in between. … .

I hope it works out for you!