Halloween Celebration at MGM?


Any one see this? It was on Screamscape today!

Rowdy - have you heard anything?

Park News - (2/4/06) I reported on this rumor last summer but a new internet survey is making the rounds suggesting that Disney may be ready to finally add a Halloween event for a slightly older crowd to the Studios this fall. The text from the survey describes the event as: “For the first time, Disney-MGM Studios becomes the host for all things that go bump in the night with an all new Halloween Celebration. Join Jack Skellington, the “Pumpkin King of Halloween Town” from A Nightmare before Christmas, and a horde of Disney’s most popular villains as they set about turning the Disney/MGM Studios into a nightmare of 1000 screams. Visitors will enjoy the thrills and chills of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock 'n Roller Coaster, a colorful parade, and streets filled with ghouls and goblins. It’s a Halloween party filled with Disney magic - only this time it’s magic cooked up by the Wicked Witch herself.”


That would be just WONDERFUL!!! We are going in October and I’d love, love, love something like this! I hope this is real, and not just a rumor.

Thanks pal mickey!




WOOHOO!!! That would be so cool!! Halloween Horror Nights at Universal is a little intense for me, but I think I could handle Disney Villains.


I am so hoping that this is true. We love MNSSHP but to have all the villians at MGM - I AM THERE!


Ooo, that sounds like it would be awesome!!! Too bad I can’t get off from work for Halloween to go to these things!!!


Golly. We’d be so tempted to come down for that…


That would be so cool…:smile:


I wanna go!! Who’s comin’ with me!?


Oooo Erin, my FIRST tenured year if this MGM Halloween thing really DOES happen I promise to take off work & come down for it!! It REALLY DOES sound so cool!


I will, I will!!! We go to every year in the Fall!!! We will come by your house to pick you up, okay?


I would love to see a Halloween event at the Studios. It would be a great place to host a more grown-up celebration. I really hope it happens!


That sounds kinda cool. I don’t like to be scared. I hate Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but if it’s Disney, it can’t be that scary right?


I still think I’d go to the MNSSHP.


Me too!! But…we can always do BOTH!!!


Whoa, now this is some rumor!

Sorry but at this moment I can neither confirm or bust this one because I’ve heard nothing of the sort. Right now Studios is extremely busy prepping for ESPN the Weekend and Star Wars Weekends. The auditions for that are on Saturday. But not to worry, I’m on the case and will report as soon as possible.


Hey Rowdy, are you gonna try out to be a Star Wars character? That would be AWESOME! We’re hoping to get down for part of SW Weekends…

This MGM Halloween thing sounds AWESOME!!! I love MNSSHP, but I’d sure love to try this out too…


That is an awesome rumor…hope it pans out to be true.


I so hope this is true!!!


If the Force is with me, though I must admit as much fun as I’d have being part of the SW universe, I don’t think it’ll compare to the excitement of being part of the event as a guest either.