Halloween figures at CVS


I got the cutest Halloween figures at CVS yesterday. I took me three stores to find them but I got all four. There is Mickey as Wizard/Warlock Minnie as witch, Pluto as a Pirate and Donald as Devil. They were only $5.99 each. I only have a photo of Pluto and Donald.


those are soo cute…I see a trip to CVS in my future.


CVS here I come!


I must have!!


They are adorable, thanks for the info!
I will be off to CVS as well.


oh I am going to have to stop by tomorrow… they would be great for Hunter’s basket


Toooo cute… Thanks for the pic… Im going to be stopping at CVS on my way home from work this morning…


Oh ya, those have to get added to the collection!

Thanks for the heads up,