Halloween-MNSSHP worth the money?


Okay fellow Disney lovers~ I need your advice once again! This will be our third trip to WDW - same time every year 9/16-9/21~ this time @ Pop- we’ve never done the MNSSHP - it seems like a lot of money for one night of fun, with Halloween still weeks away-particularly with 3 kids- but I’m wondering if we have been missing out? Is the event really worth the cost? For our family, it will easily add $400 to our trip. :confused:Now I know there is no other place on Earth where I will be separated from my money faster than WDW~ I have accepted that fact, so should I re-consider & start wearing down my DH now??


We have been several times and IMO it is absolutely worth the money. I would go for it. The money is long forgotten but the memories live on.


We’ve done MVMCP 3 times and this year (if all goes well) we’ll be going to MNSSHP over Columbus Day weekend.

DEFINATELY worth it, especially if you’re up to staying up after the 2nd parade. Most of the families with little ones clear out and the lines for rides disappear.

Even without staying up late, we find that having dinner at Narcossee’s followed by a boat trip across the lagoon and a night of MK partying makes for lots of great memories.


It really depends on how much you all like to celebrate halloween. If you guys are big fans of this holiday and you have the extra money that would not hurt you financially, then yeah go ahead. We do not get into halloween much so the extra money for me would not be worth it for us. Bottom line is do you want to spend the extra money on a halloween party or use it for something else? If you are already going to the MK on your trip and are not big fans of halloween I would say skip it. I know everyone here LOVES it so definetly give it some thought.


Seriously it is so worth it- this event is really Disney at its best, and it is such an awesome evening it is worth every single penny.
The decoration of the park, the parade, the Trick or Treating, even the imaginative guest costumes make this something worth turning up for- and of course as mentioned before, when the little peeps retire, you more or less have the park and rides to yourself. I think you’d be sorry if you missed the opportunity- go for it!


We have gone the last 2 years, and it is worth every penny. The trick or treat stations, the dance party, special parade and fire works are well worth it. The guest costumes are great also (you do not have to get dressed up to have fun), but it adds to the fun. Walk on to most attractions also makes it worth while.


It is definitely worth the money. It is so much fun, the crowds are very reasonable and just an all around great time.


I agree. This is actually the only thing we spring extra for, other than water parks and more (because we spend days at the water parks and dQ) and we dont even consider not going!

Much of the fun is in the preparation for us…last year we all dressed as pirates, and we bought all our stuff on Ebay…the year before we were all different random Disney characters…even NOT dressing up too much is fun.

The special treatment you get on this night, the light crowds, the awesome fireworks show, the parade and the CANDY - it is just awesome.

I recommend not going to a park during the day that day, just taking it easy at the pool, and have a NAP. Have dinner either onsite or at a monorail resort EARLY! You can get into the park by 4:00 with your party ticket, but the party does not start until 7:00…it really is a full day - park closes at midnight and we have been known to be some of the last ones out…


I say go for it as we have done MNSSHP and the MVMCP and there both worth every penny :goofybounce::cheshire::santa:


YES! YES! and YES!! We :heart: MNSSHP! :happy:


Definitely worth the money. What I do to justify the cost is try to book the party for my arrival day. Then I don’t buy a park pass for that day and arrive at the park at 4pm. Makes for a nice relaxing entry into the world.


I plan on going for the 1st time Sept 11th. I cant wait. I love love love Halloween so its right up our alley


We did MNSSHP in 05. We thought it was well worth it. We had a blast and it did make it special for us because it is Kevans birthday on Halloween. The CM’s treated him like a king that night.


We wen t Sept 06" to MNSSHP and loved it! It prompted us to go to MVMCP Dec 08’. We had such a good time, DD was so sick she could not enjoy it, and we knew she was so sad to have missed it (she was in a stroller sleeping teh whole time). We ended up buying tickets to go again later in teh trip when she was better! She had SUCH a great time! So worth the $$$!

Now, we are going again this October with Friends of ours and we are encouraging them to go. The tickets are significantly more expensive than when we went a few years ago, but well worth it! They have never been with their kids.

We figure we are going to have to take our kids again once DS (14 mos) gets a bit bigger so we are skipping it, but I am sad to do so!

Definately try it! SO worth the money!


It is ABSOLUTELY worth it, for me it was MUCH better than the Pirate & Princess party and even slightly better than the Christmas Party! It REALLY is great, the only thing that puts a damper on it is rain. UGH! In my opinion rain REALLY ruins it.


What will they do in case of rain? Can they refund you for another night? I would die if I got all excited for this and had to miss out due to rain:crying:


ABSOLUTELY!!! :heart: MNSSHP is one of my very favorite events. I go every year with Baloo, and as soon as I come home I start planning next year’s costume. :laugh:

As far as the rain goes, I’m pretty sure they have a disclaimer that they won’t refund for weather. But it’s just like any other Disney day in the rain - get some ponchos and you’re good to go. :happy:


Free candy,short lines, and special fireworks!!


I’ve done both MVMCP (mutiple times) and MNSSHP and enjoyed them both.

Will do them again. Pricey but a good time.


I have to disagree with that honestly. The parties have special events that often get cancelled because of inclimate weather. Unfortunately, it’s not ‘just another Disney day in the rain with a poncho’ b/c the parties cost a significant amount & the rain REALLY dampers it. I have now been to two P&PP with downpouring rain, and a MNSSHP with downpouring rain. The parades were cancelled, the stage shows were cancelled, for Halloween ALL of the outside candy stations were either moved or eliminated, & all the cool outside character meetings were gone & the lines for the inside ones were insane. I love the parties but I’ve been to enough rainy ones now to know that it ABSOLUTELY effects the experience. It STINKS in the rain & now I hate even BUYING party tickets 'cause I feel like with my luck the moment I buy the ticket it guarantees a downpour. It’s still fun, I’m not saying it’s NOT worth it but if there are thunderstorms or heavy rains forecasted for the night of the party expect A LOT of cancellations & other issues.