Halloween Party and Crowds


Is purchasing a ticket into the Halloween Party a good strategy in order to be able to avoid very long lines on some of the rides?


Honestly, I don’t think I’d purchase a ticket to the Halloween party just to get on Splash Mountain faster. The lines in Sept. and Oct. just don’t warrant that. Buy the tickets for the fun of going to the party. The parade and fireworks alone are worth it.


I can’t say anything on the Halloween Party, we were there last year at the very end and will fly in on Oct 31 this year, we do not have it planned, but we have done the Xmas party, and I am sure they are similar, we looked to enjoy the atmosphere, the special stage shows, and night shows, but it was nice getting on rides quicker than normal, I think you can do it all and have a fun night.


Most people use their time at MNSSHP doing the special event things - character meet and greets, special parades and shows, trick-or-treating… so there are hardly any waits for the attractions. We walked on Space Mountain with no wait. So yes, if you want to purchase a MNSSHP ticket as a strategy to get on rides with little wait, then I think you would accomplish that. However, note that there are two showings of the parade, and there are a good amount of people there (especially if it’s a sell-out night), so you’ll probably have to deal with crowds getting to and from attractions - they just won’t be waiting in line.


Ride lines don’t seem to be a problem when we have gone in the past. Closer to Halloween the more it gets busier. Weekends are bad also. They do pack em in so don’t let limited tickets trick you. Some rides are closed and people are walking around trick or treating. The lines are long for the special pictures that can be taken.Parade is great and the crowd does thin out after the first parade.


We went to MNSSHP last year. I wouldn’t use it as a strategy to get on the rides. The party activities are wonderful. Yes, we did wait a little over an hour to see the seven dwarfs, and got our picture take with them which we used for our Christmas cards, but it was definitely worth it. The trick or treating lines were not long at all despite what I had read and heard. We had a ball and only did a few rides, but it was more about the atmosphere, the parade with headless horseman, and watching the kiddies for us old goats.


No, there are plenty of crowds there. That being said, after the last parade, the place is a ghost town and you can walk on whatever is up and running. If you are going to spend the money on the party, do just enjoy it. It’s such a great event~! I don’t even do rides until after parades and fireworks. If you are looking for ways to get on the attractions with little wait, just do morning EMH.


There are crowds, but hardly anyone is spending their party on rides. The wait time for attractions is usually 15 minutes or less (except for Haunted Mansion because it fits the part theme) the entire night. So I would argue that if you wanted to spend your party time just riding attractions, though you would have to fight the crowds getting to/from each attraction, you would definitely have minimal wait times.


I based my opinion off my experience there. I am glad that was not the case for you, but it most certainly was for me.


What were the wait times and when did you go? I’m just curious - I frequent a few threads on the DIS about MNSSHP, and everyone pretty much reports that everyone is there for the special things, and the wait times for attractions are low. Halloween and weekends are of course more crowded. We were there on a Friday.


I went Halloween night and the night before Halloween the year after. Guess that explains it.


We have been there on Halloween night 3 years running now. Weekends tend to be more busy. That being said, it is a hard ticket event with a limited number of tickets. It can get busy, but we intermix rides with trick or treating and events such as parades and dance parties and fireworks. If you balance it out, you can walk on to most attractions or very short waits (under 10 minutes)… Except for the Haunted Mansion which will have long lines. The park does become a ghost town (no pun intended) after the second parade.


We love this party…we usually do a lot of party activities earlier in the night and then move to rides later on. You can walk on most rides this way, but even early in the night lines were never more than 15-20 minutes. It’s definitely something I would recommend going to for the atmosphere and activities alone. Riding the rides is just a perk :slight_smile:


The only ride I’ve ever actually been on during MNSSHP is Haunted Mansion. That’s it. We’ve been 2x. We spend our time trick or treating, meeting characters, parade, etc. I would not buy this ticket just to get on rides faster.