Halloween Party



If it rains and you are not returning for over a year you can get your money back. At City Hall…


According to their website it says they are non refundable.


I’m almost sure that you can’t get your money back


I have heard about them giving ppl tickets so they can go to another party, but not a refund.


No refunds. That happened to use a few years ago for the MVMCP. We just sucked it up for a while, then called it a night. It is a bummer, but Disney can not be responsible for the weather and the events.


I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I’ve heard of them giving tickets to MK or another party, but never a refund. Where did you get your information? Were you able to get a refund?


You know, the tickets are definitely listed as non-refundable. But, I was at a part a few years ago that had everything go wrong. So, my friend went and complained. My buddy has this unbelievable personality. He comes across as so genuinely nice and can work through just about any situation completely rational and level headed. After talking with about three or four managers. He was comped four party passes and got money back on four of the eight tickets. I still to this day don’t know how he pulled it off. But, he did. The funny thing is, he works in health care and is not slimey like the sterotypical used car salesman. He’s also never worked in sales. But, he’s just got that natural ability to work well with others and is extremely persistant.

Not saying it can’t be done. Because it has. But, company policy is to not give refunds. Even at that, at the time they really didn’t want to give out the raincheck party tix either.


I was there on the 14th and I DID get my money back due to rain,The Rain was incredible…


We were there for MVMCP in 2002. Rain was coming in sideways. Huge puddles everywhere. You could not even walk from ride to ride. No chance of a parade.They offered us a different night, but we were leaving before the next party. We recieved a credit on our CC.


Oh I was there on the first night of the MNSSHP (first time too). It rained, poured, lightning, thundered… On our way out they gave us a ticket for a free day at the MK. We were/are happy! I forsee a weekend trip…


we were there on the 14th spent some real quality time on the pourch of the diamond horseshe listeing to the cadaver dans / we got a ticket for a return good for one year . how did you get your money back the rain was unbeleivable.


Well sheesh, I’ve been to TWO P&PP’s where it’s rained miserably. NEVER even though to ask. :sad:


Ok guys, here’s how it happens as far as getting reimbursed for parties. They don’t tell you this, but I know this to be true and this is how it was explained to be by my managers. Funny thing is, most of it rest on my shoulders!

Because of the special things that take place during the event, (i.e. the parade and fireworks) these are what a LOT of guests really come for. If the fireworks don’t go off and both parades don’t get to go out, then that’s when guests get reimbursed. May not always be money, but maybe another day’s ticket or another party ticket. But you will get compensated. Because the fireworks went off and the 2nd parade (although they were both REALLY delayed) made it out the other night, no compensation happens. But you will be taken care of in the end.


thanks Rowdy for the explanation


Thanks for the explaination, Matt.


ys thanks Matt. we didnt ask for reimbursement as we felt disney has no control over the weather [ not yet anyway lol] and we did have a good time.


you don’t have to work in sales to be persuasive. He should move to DC and apply for a job as a Diplomat :wink:


That makes a lot of sense.

Like someone else said before, Disney cannot be responsible for the weather or control it.


I would think they would only do this if the party was cancelled. Not just b.c of rain. We were at the P&P party in Aug and it was pouring and they still had the party. If we opted to not go, we would’ve been out of luck with a refund.


sorry I didn’t read Rowdy’s response 1st. Thanks for clearing it up for us!!!