Halloween Party


This will be first time going to Mickeys Halloween Party. Could you please tell me if a trick or treat bag is furnished for the children collecting candy or if you must bring your own bag.
Thanks for any input


They provide you with a bag-or at least they did last year… It was a cute small bag, but plenty big enough for the candy.
You will love it- be sure to see the parade during the MNSSHP…


Some people do bring their own - I never fill the Disney-furnished bag, but if you’re more focused on trick-or-treating than riding rides/meeting characters/seeing shows/etc., you may want to bring a bigger bag.


Trick or Treat bags are furnished (and covered with advertising for the latest Disney video releases).
Most nights I’ve gone, we’ve been able to get a second bag if we wanted.
If you work hard and double back through lines, you can easily fill the bag.


we brought our own last year that was a little more heavy duty so there was no worry about it breaking. we cleaned up and than had the girls go thru and keep some and the other we gave to cm’s at the resort. ENJOY and have a great time. I hope to go again next year but that time I will concentrate less on the character lines and seeing an doing more things there. Also do not forget the photo ops which can only be done at the party.