Hallowwen at DW


Has anyone been to DW mid-Oct. We’re going the 15th-22nd and someone mentioned that DW may have their Halloween stuff going on by then. Is that true? Has anyone been there during that time, what’s it like?


We are going the 14-22 so we will be there at the same time!! The Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is during the entire month of October on selected dates each week. This is a hard ticket event (you have to buy an extra ticket for this). The dates have not been release yet that I know of, but I’ve been away from the boards for awhile so I may have just missed them but oh I really hope not because we are DEFINETLY going to that.


Halloween time is most awesome :slight_smile:


It is a great event…you should attend!!!


The MNSSHP and Food and Wine Festival are going on throughout October. Great attractions, both of them!

We’ll be there then too – enjoy!


The best time, not too hot not too cold. Just be aware that the little ones may ask to take some of the decorations home with them. We were there for Halloween when DD was 3 and she asked me if she could take the “big spider baloon” home. The only problem is that the spider was actually bigger than my car. :wacko: :blink:


It is a great time to go. The weather is great. The crowds are low. And MNSSHP is a great time! :mickey:


We went in mid Oct last year for MNSSHP. It was a blast and there was lots of Halloween stuff every where, even at PC where we stayed. WDW even had special MNSSHP stuff to buy just during the party. It was a blast.


We went two yrs ago and we’re going again 10/04/05. We like MNSSHP better then MVMCP(christmas party). I went as a doctor and wife was a nurse and the kids went as a power ranger and a princess.


Do they do anything special with the Haunted Mansion for Halloween?


MNSSHP is usually on the weekends all through October. The official dates are suppose to be released next month. I can’t wait to grab my tickets for this event. I am going on Halloween night if all works as planned and am very excited. It’s my first time. :mickey:


So we should bring costumes? This sounds like a great time, we LOVE Halloween. What a great bonus.


You should absolutely bring costumes!! Almost everyone goes in costume - big kids & parents included! :slight_smile: I loved it when I went and I’m planning on going again this year. The decorations and parades are amazing, and there’s trick or treating stations set up all around the park. It’s so much fun. If you’re gonna be there when MNSSHP is going on, definitely try to go. It’s so, so fun! :slight_smile:


Yes, you should attend in costume. It only makes the event more fun!! :laugh:


Thanks guys, I’m already planning our costumes? But how and when do you get tickets for MNSSHP?


In the past they’ve gone on sale around May 1st and you can order them on the disney website or by calling (just as you can for theme park tickets)! We went last year and HAD A BLAST!!


We are going the last week of Sept, and we are so hoping that MNSSHP starts on Sept 30 since we are flying home on the 1st. What a way to end our WDW vacation than at MNSSHP. I hope I pray I emplore Disney to start it on the 30th of sept.


I think that is when it started last year… we want to go to an early party this year also.


I just called and a CM told me the tickets would go on sale sometime in June or July…this doesn’t sound right does it??? I am thinking of trying to sneak at least one more trip in before the passes expire! I think this would be a great time to go!! Maybe and mommy and daughter trip, huh!


I don’t know about tickets but we went last year and it was the best trip we ever had to WDW. The party is fun there are no lines and the weather was beautiful. I’m going again this year. My advice is to not go on Halloween because the resorts host their own parties and at the CBC my son got to lead the costume parade holding Goofy’s hand. It was pure magic. We plan to go the day before so that we can enjoy both events.