Hangin' at Hilton Head--2009


I know I’m late with this but I’m going to try to post a trip report from our Hilton Head Island vacation. It’s not going to be a day by day report but I’ll give you some of the high points.

Nathan (turned 11 the day we checked in)

Sydney (15 years old)
Lauren (almost 9 years old)

We really didn’t plan much of this trip, we were mostly looking for a relaxing week at the beach with some good food thrown in. The only real plans we had were tee times for golfing and some golf lessons for the kids.


Looking foward to the TR. I loved HHI when we went for Christmas. Its such a beautiful resort.


We started our vacation with a couple of nights in Savannah. The drive was uneventful and we were ready to see Savannah when we arrived. We checked into the Hyatt on the river front and decided to look around and grab some dinner. No restaurant was really crowded so we had our pick, we decided to try Tubby’s and had a wonderful dinner. After dinner we walked around and did a little window shopping along River Street.

The following morning we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant then bought trolley tickets to see Savanah. First we sent the guys over to Paula Deen’s restaurant to get in line to book a dinner reservation. Once they got back it was time to hop on the trolley and see Savannah.


I won’t go into too much detail about Savannah but the city was beautiful and full of history.

Nate decided he was our tour guide for the day.


Nate took his job seriously and even took the front seat when offered.


After a day full of history and sightseeing Paula and I took the kids back to River Street to shop a little while the guys went back through the tour to make a couple of stops we didn’t do with the kids. The kids all had money that was bruning a hole in their pockets so we wanted them to get a chance to spend it.

After the guys finally made it back to the hotel (they made a couple of extra stops to sample some beverages) we walked to Paula Deen’s restaurant for dinner. We were seated on the third floor and had a very good dinner. We started with hoe cakes and some type of biscuit. The hoe cake was yummy.

We all enjoyed dinner and rolled our group out.


I’ve always wanted to eat at Paula Deans. Did you happen to see her there? I applied to be on her show a while back but when they called me it was the week my DD10 was sched for surgery.


As far as we know, Paula wasn’t there that evening.


After dinner we walked around the City Market and looked around for a couple of hours then walked back to the hotel so the kids could swim for an hour or so before bed.

The next morning Kent and I enjoy an hour or so on the patio while everyone else was either sleeping or getting ready. I’ve never been to a town with a port so I’ve never see these huge cargo ships before. They were HUGE!


Great start. Looking forward to more as i have never been to Savannah or Hilton Head.


After everyone was up we were finally ready to get the rest of our vacation started. The drive for Saavannah to HHI is less than an hour but we needed to stop at a Wal Mart for groceries and other things. After stuffing everything in the car we were on our way again.

The drive was easy and finding the resort was simple with the help of our GPS.


Are you going to Hilton Head again this summer?


No, my countdown is wrong and I haven’t changed it back.


We’re finally here!


Driving up to the resort…


What a great trip! I know right where you were… love both places…


One more picture before we got to resort pictures.


thanks for doing this TR, I always wanted to go to Savannah and HHI - it’s great to read about it! The trolley sounds like a really good way to see Savannah! Can’t wait to hear more…


The check in building.


:wub::wub::wub:I have a feeling this TR is going to be good for my soul! Haha!!:wub::wub: :wub:
I need some pictures of HHI I’ve been homesick lately!
I am SO glad you had a great time…and I can’t believe Nate…he looks like he’s 27. So big!